CLAS@Pitt NEWSLETTER--Online events and Important updates! June 2, 2020

CLAS@Pitt NEWSLETTER--Online events and Important updates! June 2, 2020

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Recent developments remind us of the importance of identifying and supporting people whose circumstances are different and less fortunate than ours. It is timely then to call your attention to an important event we are hosting on Wednesday, June 3, at 3 PM, via Zoom: Invisible in the Time of COVID19: What we can do to Help the Latino Community. Diego Chaves-Gnecco will lead the presentation (in English) and subsequent discussion (in English or Spanish).

The Latin American and Caribbean Festival has had significant impacts on the Pittsburgh community for many generations. It is our largest and best-known event and we strive for greater success with each iteration. As such, we have decided to postpone the 40th Edition until April 10, 2021, when we are more confident that both the University and our community will feel comfortable bringing together thousands of people celebrating Latin American and Caribbean music, food and cultural heritage.

For similar reasons we have also decided to postpone the Latin American Social and Public Policy Conference until March 25-27, 2021, adding one day to its duration to make sure we accommodate the 2020 and 2021 participants coming from around the globe.

On a lighter note, this week we also hold our monthly Trivia event, on Friday, June 5. Please join us as we challenge all participants with interesting facts and tidbits about our favorite part of the world.

Take care.



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 Friday, June 5, 2020 

 4:00 p.m. 

To register, 

Note for UG students: This event counts as an event for MyPittGlobal and the Global Distinction. 

CLAS will be regularly interviewing for our CLAS Facebook faculty, alumni, students and staff to learn about their new projects and future plans.
Stay tuned!

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For undergraduates and graduate students:

Meet your Academic Advisor, Luis Bravo!

Fall Course Information:

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Support local businesses!
Below are local Latin American/Caribbean
food vendors offering take out or delivery at this time.
*Indicates free delivery to select neighborhoods.

For more vendors offering take-out/delivery, Check this group in Facebook: this Facebook group.


If you know of a business not listed below, and you know that they currently offer delivery/take-out, please pass this information to them. We recommend that you to NOT fill it out for someone else. Rather, we would ask that you pass this information to them to fill out themselves. Though some of you work with the community, please get approval before you fill out a form on somebody's behalf.
Thank you and be safe!
Building New Hope (Nicaraguan fair trade coffee)
(We are not currently offering order pickup. We offer FREE DELIVERY in: Shady Side, Bloomfield, Point Breeze, Squirrel Hill N, Highland Park, Friendship, East Liberty and Edgewood.)
Delivery: YES

Black Bean dba Hunan Bar (Cuban/Chinese)
239 Atwood St.
Pittsburgh pa 15213
Delivery: YES (3-mile radius)
Delivery fee: YES
Hours of Operation: Monday-Sunday 12-8
Website: Facebook (Hunan bar)
Menu Items: Chicken & beef Empanada, fried rice, pork belly, Check out menu on Facebook (Hunan Bar)
Telephone Number:  412-621-2326
California Taco Shop Etna (Check the Facebook page—Only take-out)
890 Butler Street 
Pittsburgh, PA 15223
Telephone Number: 412-409-2155

Caribbean Village

(Caribbean: Antiguan,Virgin Islands & more)
100 Monroeville Mall, Suite 100B-1
Monroeville, PA, 15146
Hours of Operation: 
10am-9pm, (however, the mall is currently closed temporarily due to COVID-19)
Delivery: YES (10 mile radius and surrounding communities)
Delivery Fee: YES
Gift Certificates: YES (Via email)

Telephone Number: 412-377-7951

Casa Brasil
5904 Bryant St
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
Delivery: Order delivery in GRUBHUB
Telephone Number: 412-404-7573

Cilantro & Ajo (Venezuelan)
901 E Carson St
Pittsburgh, PA 15203
Delivery: YES (5-mile radius)
Delivery Fee: YES
Gift Certificates: YES (Send via MAIL)
Telephone Number: 412-432-5708

Chicken Latino (Peruvian)
Phone: (412) 246-0974
155 21st St
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Delivery: Order delivery in GRUBHUB
*Moving locations as of June 21st*
El Patron Mexican (Three locations—check their website for Online ordering)
El Campesino McKnight (Mexican)
4771 McKnight Rd
Pittsburgh, PA 15237
Delivery: Order delivery in GRUBHUB
Telephone Number:  412-366-8730

El Paso Mexican Grill
1778 North Highland Rd
Bethel Park, PA 15241
Delivery: YES; 20 miles radius
Delivery Fee: YES
Gift Certificates: YES; mail or email
Hours of Operation:
Monday - Thursday: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
Friday: 11:00 am - 10:30 pm
Saturday: 11:30 am - 10:30 pm
Sunday: 11:30 am - 9:00 pm
Telephone Number: 412-409 2155

Fogo de Chao* (Brazilian)
525 Smithfield St
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Delivery: YES (Curbside Pickup & Free Delivery—Includes catering)

La Feria (Peruvian)
5527 Walnut St
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15232
Telephone Number: 412-682-4501

La Palapa, Mexican Cuisine & Mezcal Bar*
2224 East Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203
Delivery: YES; Approximately 3mile radius
Gift Certificates: YES--Online--stay tuned!
Hours of Operation: Tuesday - Sunday 1pm-8pm; Monday Closed
Telephone: 412-586-7015

Marisqueria Insomnia 
810 Brookline Blvd
Pittsburgh, PA 15226
Delivery: YES (UBER eats)
Telephone Number: 412-343-7827

Mendoza Express (Mexican)
812 Mansfield Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15205
Take-Out: YES
Telephone Number: 412-429-8780

Mi Empanada (Argentine-American empanadas)
4034 Butler St, Pittsburgh, PA 15201
Delivery and Take-Out: Yes
Telephone Number: 412-685-5474

Pabellon Venezuelan
2957 Banksville Rd
Pittsburgh, PA 15216
Delivery: Order delivery in GRUBHUB
Telephone Number: 412-344-1122

Round Corner Cantina (Mexican)
3720 Butler St
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15201
Delivery: Order delivery in GRUBHUB

Tango Truck (only Empanadas)
Needs two days to prepare the orders.
Telephone Number:  412-641-0110

The Colombian Spot
2019 E Carson st
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15203
Delivery: Yes (Order delivery in GRUBHUB)
Telephone Number: 412-381-9000

810 Ivy Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15232
Hours of Operation: 4:00--9:00pm
Delivery: Yes 
Gift Cerficates: Yes (Mail)
Telephone Number: 412-251-5695

Totopo Mexican Kitchen and Bar
660 Washington Road
Mt. Lebanon, PA 15228
Hours of Operation: 3:00--9:00pm
Delivery: Yes 
Gift Cerficates: Yes (Mail)

Telephone Number: 412-668-0773

Tu y Yo Café
3447 Harts Run Road
Glenshaw, PA 15116
Hours of Operation: Tuesday to Saturday 7am - 7pm
Delivery: No
Gift Cerficates: Yes (Mail/Email)

Telephone Number: 412-406-7555


 Pitt Community References and Resources
The University of Pittsburgh and Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh are conducting a survey that seeks to understand the most effective needs and support for the community during these difficult times. The survey takes just a few minutes to complete. It's in Spanish and $ 100 will be raffling between those who complete the survey. You can find the survey on the following website at the end of the page.

Please click on the link:

Care & Connection Callers

Your help is needed to support our partners in reaching out, via telephone, to the families and individuals they serve to be sure people feel connected to the resources they need. Sign-up to volunteer.

Volunteers will be placed with a variety of organizations and institutions to make calls according to the partners’ needs and specifications. Volunteers will receive a general training from the University of Pittsburgh’s Office of Community & Governmental Relations to ensure positive and safe calling practices and then will participate in training specific to the organization in which the volunteer is placed. Care and Connection Callers:

  • Provide a connection with people who may be isolated.
  • Assess economic and social needs.  
  • Connect people to community resources and United Way 2-1-1 as needed.
  • Report back to the sponsoring organization any follow-up that is needed. 

Who are we looking for to be Care and Connection Callers?

University volunteers who:

  • Have access to a phone, a computer and the internet.
  • Are willing to participate in two training programs- one through Pitt and one through their sponsoring organization, 
  • Are able to follow a conversational script that guides the outreach calls.
  • Are able to listen to and read COVID-19 informational resources before they make calls so they have the most up-to-date information to share with those they call.
  • Are able to commit to weekly service. 

If you are a community organization looking for help..

Pitt is open to partnering with you! Please contact Carrie Finklestein at to begin the conversation.



The Student Emergency Assistance Fund is a joint venture led by the Office of the Provost, Office of Philanthropic & Alumni Engagement, Student Government Board, the Graduate & Professional Student Government, and the Division of Student Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh. The health and safety of our Pitt community, particularly our students, is paramount. The fund, to be administered at the direction of the Provost, will be used to provide financial support for degree-seeking students of the University of Pittsburgh with unanticipated and insurmountable expenses related to emergency situations that may result in students facing financial hardship. Undergraduate, graduate, and professional students may apply for funds when they experience a financial barrier based on an emergency situation, and when they have exhausted all other available resources.

Expenses Covered by the Fund

Examples of emergency expenses to be considered include, but are not limited to:

  • Medical necessities
  • Food insecurity
  • Unexpected transportation and travel expenses
  • Overdue utility bills reaching a turn-off notice
  • Homelessness, sudden loss of housing, or imminent eviction
  • Loss of childcare
  • Academic supplies and technology repair or support
  • Up to $600 may be requested

Expenses Not Covered by the Fund

  • Tuition, fees, health insurance, and study abroad costs
  • Non-essential personal bills such as: current utility, credit card, cable, cell phone, etc.
  • Parking tickets, library fines, or other expenses mistakenly incurred
  • Funds for the replacement of lost or stolen items
  • Rent payments are not covered by the fund unless a one-time payment will delay or halt an eviction.

Hold on Eviction

Students who live off-campus should be aware of their Tenants’ Rights. In addition, the Attorney General of Pennsylvania has recently issued an order that evictions cannot take place at this time. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ordered courts closed to eviction proceedings due to the COVID-19 state of emergency. The Court’s order is applicable to all Pennsylvania property owners, managers, landlords, as well as mortgage brokers and lenders.

Eligibility Requirements

Any Pitt student may apply for emergency funds. Each applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • Demonstrate financial hardship
  • Experience an emergency, accident, illness, or other unforeseen event among the “covered” examples above
  • Be currently enrolled as a full-time or part-time, degree-seeking student

Applicants must complete all questions in full and submit a justification and supporting documentation as the situation allows. Examples of supporting documentation include but are not limited to:

  • Eviction notice
  • Utility bills indicating shut-off notice
  • Medical bills

Students with non-emergent financial hardships that do not qualify for the Student Emergency Assistance Fund, including student account balances, are encouraged to contact the Office of Financial Aid directly to discuss their situation and talk about possible aid options.


Application Process

Students in need of emergency financial assistance are encouraged to submit the application. Questions may be directed to
Completed applications are reviewed by members of the Student Emergency Assistance Fund Advisory Committee that includes representatives from Student Affairs and the Office of Financial Aid. A member of the committee will respond to emergency application submissions within 72 hours or three business days.
The maximum emergency aid allocation to a student will be $600. Payment will be distributed as soon as possible consistent with University policies and procedures. Each application is carefully reviewed to ensure all other financial aid resources are maximized first.
Students should set up direct deposit in PittPAY

How Do I Sign Up for Direct Deposit (eRefunds)?

  • Log onto PittPAY from the Student PittPay Login at
  • Select the eRefund tab.
  • Enter your bank routing and account information
  • Once you save the information, you will receive a confirmation email from PittPAY.
  • Students should be aware that emergency funding may create a taxable event that could require reporting to the IRS by the recipient.

    Submit the application here


    Community Support


    Chancellor Patrick Gallagher called upon the University to acknowledge our role in the response during this time of great challenge… Join us in Pitt’s Pandemic Service Initiative: expanding staff, faculty, and student service; contributing to drives and collections; and forging innovative partnerships. We are rolling up our sleeves.


    As part of the Pitt Pandemic Service Initiative, faculty, staff, and students are coming together to meet critical community needs. You can make a difference with even just a small amount of time. Priority needs identified by community partners include care and connection calls and IT support.

    Student Service

    Faculty/Staff Service 

    Drives and Collections

    We’re committed to being a University of the community. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Pitt students, faculty, and staff are volunteering to provide technology support, well-checks, and a host of other forms of support. 

    For community members, this means access to resources and information. 



     University of Pittsburgh - Hillman Library


    SAA Latin American & Caribbean Cultural Heritage Archives Section (LACCHA) June Webinars

    Please join us for two upcoming presentations from the Society of American Archivists Latin American & Caribbean Cultural Heritage Archives Section (LACCHA) “Desmantelando Fronteras/Breaking Down Borders” webinar series. Advance registration is required at the links below (links are case sensitive). Once you register, you will receive a confirmation email with the link to the Zoom webinar.

    June 3, 2-3pm –
    Open Source Digital Educational Resources for Dominican Studies
    Presentation by Sarah Aponte and Jhensen Ortiz, City University of New York – Dominican Studies Institute (CUNY DSI)
    The CUNY Dominican Studies Institute is the premier university-based institution in the United States dedicated to the production and dissemination of research and scholarship about Dominicans and the Dominican Republic. This webinar will introduce users to the interactive Dominican-related digital projects developed by CUNY DSI, including: First Blacks in the Americas; The Spanish Paleography Digital Teaching and Learning Tool; Fighting for Democracy: Dominican Veterans from World War II; and A History of Dominican Music in the United States, among others.
    The webinar will also provide information about the work the CUNY DSI Library has developed to generate educational materials of Dominican culture content in collaboration with school teachers that work with Dominican youth in districts with dense Dominican student populations, primarily in New York City. More specifically, the presentation will discuss how bibliographic resources on Dominican culture available for teachers could potentially be incorporated in the classroom, inspiring and teaching students about the historical, cultural, and social heritage of Dominicans in the United States.

    June 12, 1-2pm –
    ¡Unidos venceremos! Web Archiving the 2018 Brazilian Presidential Transition
    Presentation by Samantha Abrams (Ivy Plus Libraries Confederation), Jill Baron (Dartmouth College), Talía Guzmán-González (Library of Congress), and Sócrates Silva (Columbia University)
    This webinar brings together three area studies specialists and a web archivist to share their experiences of managing a collaborative web archiving project focusing on government websites from Brazil covering the presidential transition of 2018. During this webinar we will address issues, such as: determining the scope of the collection; identifying sites for inclusion in the collection; selecting content for crawling; adding metadata and description; quality control; access; and best practices for collaborative work.

    Drawing from the recent collaborative experience working on the

    Brazilian Presidential Transition (2018) Web Archive organized by the Latin American North East Libraries Consortium, panelists will discuss how collaborative web archiving can be leveraged in response to current events, in order to capture a rapidly evolving political or social situation.
    Updates from Hillman Library


    Currently, all ULS libraries are closed, but if you have questions, please contact Ask Us or check the Library Response & Resources page for ways the library can still help!


    The new "PittCat”, which will be shared with the Health Sciences and Law Library systems, offers powerful, intuitive search, unique tools for the discovery of content and ideas, and streamlined ways to get the material you need, when you need it, in formats that are right for you. PittCat.pdf

    For more information about Read Green, please visit

    New ULS Journal Publications!


    International Journal of Medical Students began publishing a Forthcoming issue of in-press articles after they have undergone peer review and have been accepted but prior to the formal production process. Four new articles were added last week.

    Dentistry 3000, which publishes articles on a rolling basis as they are ready, published Comparative evaluation of retentive strength of polyvinyl siloxane impression materials to custom tray using different tray adhesives: An In Vitro study on May 4th.


    Bolivian Studies Journal published Volume 25, 2019 on May 11th.


    Dialogic Pedagogy Journal, which publishes articles on a rolling basis as they are ready, published Moving from collaboration to critical dialogue in action in education on May 11th.
    In the midst of the challenges of the present and the uncertainties of the future, the Bolivian Studies Journal / Revista de Estudios Bolivianos published at the University of Pittsburgh has just made available in an open-access format its latest issue: Vol. 25, 2019.

    A Festschrift in honor of Xavier Albó, the volume has been compiled by Núria Vilanova, former Chair of the LASA-Bolivia section, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, and Associate Professor of World Languages and Cultures at American University.

    We invite you to review its contents by accessing the corresponding website:
    Thanks for your continuing interest in our work.

    Elizabeth Monasterios - Martha E. Mantilla
    Bolivian Studies Journal/Revista de Estudios Bolivianos


    En medio de los desafíos del presente y las incertidumbres del futuro, la Revista de Estudios Bolivianos / Bolivian Studies Journal, publicada en la Universidad de Pittsburgh, acaba de lanzar en formato de acceso abierto su último número:
    vol. 25, 2019.

    Dedicado al trabajo de Xavier Albó, la coordinación de este volumen estuvo a cargo de Núria Vilanova, ex presidenta de la sección LASA-Bolivia, Dean for Academic Affairs y Associate Professor of World Languages and Cultures en American University.

    Los invitamos a revisar los contenidos de este nuevo número, disponibles en el sitio:

    Gracias por su continuo interés en nuestro trabajo.

    Elizabeth Monasterios -  Martha E. Mantilla
    Bolivian Studies Journal/Revista de Estudios Bolivianos
     Census Information
    • The census counts every person living in the United States, regardless of age or citizenship status, every 10 years in years ending in 0.
    • It’s in the Constitution. It’s important
    •  It’s about money, power, and data.
    • Every 10 years we help decide how taxpayer dollars come back to our communities. The 2020 Census will help to distribute billions of dollars in federal resources to your community.
    • Our community gets resources based on census population counts, that help pay for hospitals, emergency services, schools, roads, and more.
    • An accurate and complete census helps businesses, community leaders and elected officials make informed decisions every day.
    • It’s easy
    • For the first time, people can respond online and by phone, in addition to the mail-in option. Your response impacts funding for your community for critical services for the next 10 years!
    • The next decennial census happens in 2030. It’s safe and confidential
    • Your data is protected and it’s confidential. Federal law protects your responses, which cannot be shared with law enforcement, immigration agencies, or housing authorities.
    • The 2020 Census is underway and the most important and safe thing you can do is respond online, by phone, or by mail. It has never been easier to respond to the 2020 Census.
    • Responding now will minimize the need for the Census Bureau to send census takers out into communities to follow up with households.


     Pittsburgh Resources for Families and Individuals
    Resources for Individuals and Families
    • University of Pittsburgh's COVID-19 Response Resource Guide
    • Pittsburgh Public School Grab and Go Meals
    • One-stop Food Access Map
    • Senior Food Grab and Go
    • Free internet essentials from Comcast
    • Blood Drive​
    • Info about the Sunshine Act from PA District Attorney.
    • Summary of the CARES Act 
    • The PA Care Package
    • iConstituent 
    • PPS Covid information 
    • FOR ESSENTIAL WORKERS IN NEED OF CHILDCARE, PLEASE CONTACT: Early Learning Resource Center 412-350-3577 
    • Drive-thru CoronaVirus Testing: ​Must have photo identification and an insurance card.​ Sites are at the following locations:
      • 127 Anderson St., Pittsburgh, PA 15212
      • 95 Leonard Ave., Washington, PA 15301
      • 2360 Hospital Drive, Aliquippa, PA 15001
    • UPMC Testing Information:
      • Testing sites are not open for walk-in testing. Patients need a physician order or an appointment with the collection center. The UPMC provider who orders the test will call the patient with results. The time to receive results varies based on collection site and volume. Those without a UPMC provider will be contacted by the central COVID-19 team. Patients should check with their PCP or log into for results. Patients who have their samples taken should self-isolate until they receive results.
    • Free Testing (with appointment):
      • Please call a location near you to
        schedule an appointment.
        • Alma Illery Medical Center, 7227 Hamilton Avenue, Pittsburgh. PA 15208
        • Braddock Family Health Center, 404 Braddock Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15104
          (412) 351-6400
        • East End Community Health Center, 117 N Negley Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15206
          (412) 404-4000
        • Hazelwood Family Health Center, 4918 Second Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, 15207
          (412) 422-9520
        • Hill House Health Center, 1835 Centre Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, 15219
        • McKeesport Family Health Center, 627 Lysle Boulevard, McKeesport, PA, 15132 (412) 664-4112
        • West End Health Center, 415 Neptune Street, Pittsburgh, PA,15220
          (412) 921-7200
        • Wilkinsburg Family Health Center, 807 Wallace Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, 15221
          (412) 247-5216
        • West End Family Dental Center, 441 Main Street, Pittsburgh, PA, 15220
          (412) 922-5636
        • Steel Valley Family Health Center, 1800 West Street. Suite 110, Homestead, PA, 15120
          (412) 461-3863
    • COVID-19 Hotline:​ 
      • Please call 888-856-2774 to speak with a representative. 
        • Hotline information is available in Arabic, Chinese, Nepalese, Russian, Spanish and Swahili.
    • Public Transportation​: ​Port Authority of Allegheny County will reduce bus and light rail service by approximately 25% beginning Wednesday, March 25, 2020, due to substantial decreases in ridership and operational challenges brought on by the ongoing global pandemic.
    • Online Learning Resources:
    • Information for Renters in Pennsylvania Affected by the Coronavirus
    • Literacy Pittsburgh Online
    • PA Immigrant Relief Fund (Sundrop Carter): PIC has started a fund to provide an $800 one-time payment to those who are excluded from government stimulus money due to immigration status.
    • UPMC:
      • Testing sites are not open for walk-in testing. Patients need a physician order or an appointment with the collection center. The UPMC provider who orders the test will call the patient with results. The time to receive results varies based on the collection site and volume. Those without a UPMC provider will be contacted by the central COVID-19 team. Patients should check with their PCP or log into for results. Patients who have their samples taken should self-isolate until they receive results.
    • Allegheny Health Network (AHN):
      • If you’re experiencing symptoms — such as fever, cough, or shortness of breath — stay in your home. Call your doctor’s office, schedule a virtual visit through MyChart, or call (412) NURSE-4-U (412) 687-7348 to discuss symptoms and next steps.
        Your doctor will evaluate you based on your symptoms and determine the best course of treatment, which may or may not include a COVID-19 test.
      • After the COVID-19 test is ordered, an AHN care specialist will contact you directly, within 48 hours to set up your appointment at a Coronavirus testing collection site.
    • Northview Heights Clinic:
      • 525 Mount Pleasant Rd, Pittsburgh, PA - 15214
        Phone:  412-322-7500
      • Self-swab testing is now available, less invasive than previous testing methods.
      • Drive through and walk-up testing, available in any language needed
        Everyone and anyone is eligible to be tested
      • Contact your healthcare provider by phone before coming to a clinic or hospital if you meet the following criteria:
        • Symptoms such as fever, cough or shortness of breath and Travel to countries with coronavirus alerts within 14 days of onset of symptoms or
          Contact with someone with confirmed COVID-19 within 14 days of onset of systems
      • This clinic operates under a SLIDING SCALE model. This means that it MAY NOT be free depending on your income. You will be required to prove financial need in order to receive free services or services at a reduced cost. This is a health care center funded by the federal government. This means even if you have no insurance you can be covered. The center is also income based for those making an income. 


    Due to COVID-19, the PA primary election has moved to

    June 2



    *For financial support resources, see below
    The Department of Human Services have reached out to one of our partners, Fr. Paul Abernathy of the Neighborhood Resilience Project, to ask if he could help connect his Community Health Deputy model to refugee and immigrant communities. He and Dr. Amanda Godley (Pitt School of Ed) are working to make that happen. Pitt has come alongside Fr. Paul on this project in a number of ways (social work, public health, both CECs), and we are committed to continuing this partnership. 
    One of the immediate needs they have is to develop translational teams that can work to translate the Community Health Deputy training materials for a variety of audiences. We are looking to find out what translational assistance might be found through ULS and UCIS. We also believe we can tap some assistance at UPMC. 
    High priority languages include Spanish and Arabic, with more to be identified during an upcoming call with DHS. 
    Any help you can provide would be appreciated.
    Lina Dostilio, EdD
    Associate Vice Chancellor, Community Engagement 
    Office of Community & Governmental Relations
    Associate Professor of Practice, School of Education
    University of Pittsburgh | 710 Alumni Hall | Pittsburgh, PA 15260
    (P)  412-624-7719 | (C) 412-302-4810 | (E)
     Pittsburgh Resources for Small Businesses
    Small Business Resources

    For more detailed information, visit

    COVID-19 Resource Pages


    Financial Support (Individuals and Small Businesses)

    Business Links

    Attention Businesses! Join the "Gift Cards as War Bonds" Program 
    The "Gift Cards as War Bonds" program is underway, and "I want you" to organize your neighborhood to participate!  Here is what it takes;

    For the poster campaign to drive business to our open and closed businesses to help them survive lost revenue due to our public health crisis.  Participating Groups / Neighborhoods will need to commit to the following;

    1. Reach out to all businesses your able to contact in your area (not just folks on your mailing list) by email and phone if necessary to deliver and gather the following information;
    a. Provide 

    current OSHA guidelines
    b. Make sure they are listed and current on google maps
    c. Gather info on if they are open, current phone number, website, and gift cards sales instructions

    2. Create a web listing using all the information Gathered in 1c (see 

    Hilltop Alliance Example)
    a. Web listing must also contain links to 
    ACHD health guidance, and
    b. URA main page for this promotion (TBA), and
    c. Information for businesses who would like to be added / included (must include BOTH phone and email contact)

    3. Maintain the web listing, including
    a. adding folks, and
    b. altering listings of businesses as their statuses may change, and
    c. periodically checking on businesses to verify listing accuracy

    4. Promoting the campaign;
    a. Distributing digital versions of the poster through social media, next door, newsletters, webpages, etc
    b. Printing and hanging 8.5" x 11" posters when and where possible

    NOTE: No remuneration will be provided to participants from the URA, City of Pittsburgh or any other project participant, this is a voluntary program.

    For more information, contact

    The Richard E. Greenleaf Library Fellowships

    The Latin American Library at Tulane University is pleased to announce the Richard E. Greenleaf Fellowships to support research at the Library for 2020-2021. Their purpose is to offer researchers who permanently reside in any country of Latin America or the Caribbean short-term residential fellowships to use the resources of the Latin American Library at Tulane to conduct research in any field of the humanities or social sciences.

    Up to three fellowships will be granted every year. Each fellowship will cover the full cost of round-trip airfare as well as housing expenses and a monthly stipend to cover living expenses for a period of two to three months, as well as full library privileges at Tulane University. Fellowships are available to any qualified scholar - including independent researchers - who resides permanently in any country in Latin America or the Caribbean (including Puerto Rico and the Anglophone Caribbean). Applications from scholars of any nationality who are permanent residents of any country in the region will be considered, but preference will be given to citizens of Latin American or Caribbean nations, including Puerto Rico. Citizens of Latin American/Caribbean countries currently living outside the region and Puerto Ricans residing outside the island are not eligible.

    Fellows are expected to reside in New Orleans, to conduct research at the library for the term of the award, and to deliver a public presentation of their work-in-progress during their stay. Fellowships will be awarded on the basis of the applicant's scholarly qualifications, the merits and significance of the project, and the relevance of the Latin American Library's collections to the development of the project.

    Aside from the residential requirement, criteria for selection include:

    • The merit of the research project and proposal, which should be in any field of the humanities or social sciences
    • The relevance to the project of the resources of the Latin American Library
    • The scholarly achievements and merit of the candidate, and the significance of his/her project
    More information here:

    *** The deadline for submission of proposals has been extended to July 31, 2020 at 2 p.m. Central Time.***


    Latin American Studies Asociation (LASA) 

    The LASA Career Center is free to all job seekers and provides you with access to employers and jobs from all over the world. For more information, please visit:


    The Financial Empowerment Center (FEC) program is operated through Advantage Credit Counseling Service, Inc. (ACCS), in partnership with the City of Pittsburgh and Neighborhood Allies. The FEC aims to improve the financial stability of Pittsburgh area residents by providing free, one-on-one, professional financial counseling and education. The FEC currently operates within seven sites around Pittsburgh, and this position will be located at a new, eighth site. The Financial Counselor position will report directly to the FEC Program Manager within ACCS. The Financial Counselor’s primary purpose is to provide financial counseling, education, and support to individuals and families. The individual in this position will go through comprehensive financial counselor training, and help clients to manage their finances and achieve their financial goals in four focus areas: safe banking, establishing and building credit, reducing debt, and increasing savings. The FEC counselor will develop a rapport with the individuals they are working with and will provide case management and community referrals as necessary to help them become financially independent.

    Duties shall include, but are not limited to:

    • Assess client needs and develop individualized goals and service plans with each client;
    • Provide one-on-one financial counseling sessions (including both initial and follow-up sessions) to achieve client outcomes in four FEC focus areas;
    • Make appropriate community referrals and integrate other wrap-around supports (i.e. benefits, tax preparation, legal services) into counseling to achieve greater results;
    • Engage in ongoing follow-up with clients;
    • Collect, track and report required data using client management database;
    • Participate in initial trainings and ongoing professional development trainings as directed;
    • Follow required protocol and program requirements;
    • Successfully complete and pass financial counselor training.

    Qualification Requirements

    • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university, plus two years of relevant work experience with some background in finance, financial education, counseling/coaching, or social service delivery;
    • Particular expertise in one of the following: financial services, social work, financial planning, coaching/mentoring, teaching, or other related fields.

    Essential Skills

    • Knowledgeable about credit, debt, and general money management; savings and investment options; and safe financial products and services;
    • Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to work independently;
    • Strong communication and organizational skills;
    • Excellent working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook;
    • Available to work occasional evenings or weekends,
    • Ability to use or willingness/capacity to learn a client management database;
    • Comfortability with remote applications and service delivery (e.g. video conferencing and other platforms to communicate remotely);

    Bilingual applicants are of interest for this position. Priority languages include Spanish, Nepali, and Swahili;

    Ability to travel independently between multiple sites within the City of Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. Access to a car is preferred, but not required.

    Interested candidates should email a resume and cover letter, including salary
    requirements, to Rebecca Johnson (
    Gwen's Girls Academic Support

    We are actively seeking community members, educators, college students, and professionals that are willing to virtually tutor students in grades 2-12 in various subjects.  A small stipend will be provided for those who can consistently commit to 5-10 hours per week. Please complete a brief application by clicking 

    HERE.  Also please forward your resume via email to

    Stipend: $15.00 per hour and up, commensurate with educational and professional experience

    Description: In collaboration with Gwen’s Girls Staff, Tutors will work on an individual basis or in small group sessions via Zoom to support participants in Core Subject Areas and in meeting academic needs.  We are anticipating needs in English/Language Arts and Mathematics for students in grades 2-8 and content specific support such as Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus for students in grades 9-12.

    Tutors are selected on the basis of academic skill, leadership, character, and the ability to communicate well with others. Tutors are expected to have knowledge of the subject they are hired to tutor and the ability to communicate that knowledge to their participants. We expect that Tutors will have a positive perspective of Gwen’s Girls and serve as role models.

    All individuals interested in tutoring must possess or apply for appropriate clearances. No experience is necessary, however, experience working with children, instructional experience, coursework or degrees in education are highly preferred.

    For additional information, please contact Merridith Murray at or 412-904-4239."
    Pennsylvania Court Interpreter Program

    Court interpreters are a vital tool in fulfilling the Judiciary's obligation to guarantee the rights of persons with limited English proficiency and those who are deaf or hard of hearing.

    "Due process is a core value of the American judicial system, ensuring that every litigant and criminal defendant receives a fair hearing that is based on the merits of his or her case and presided over by an impartial judge. No one should be put at a disadvantage in court by reason of race, ethnicity, or gender. The basic fairness of the Pennsylvania court system is jeopardized if litigants with limited English proficiency (LEP) are unable to have access to competent interpreters and other language assistance."

    - Final Report of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, Committee on Racial and Gender Bias in the Justice System, March 2003

    Become an Interpreter

    The Interpreter Certification Program was established to provide trained and qualified interpreters for the courts of Pennsylvania. A statewide roster of qualified and certified interpreters helps each judicial district implement effective interpreter services. The program works with judges, administrators and the legal community to promote awareness of interpreter issues including training, testing, skills and the role of interpreters. For an overview of the need, requirements and qualifications, download the Become an Interpreter brochure. To learn more about the necessary qualifications to become a court interpreter, take the Self-Assessment Quiz, and read about the required Knowledge and Skills court interpreters must have. If you would like to become an interpreter, register for the Interpreter Certification Program.

    Orientation Workshops

    All candidates are required to attend a two-day orientation workshop sponsored by the Interpreter Certification Program. 

    The interpreter program will be holding their next orientation workshop in Pittsburgh on May 2-3.

    Workshops are offered in locations throughout the state. Dates and locations are posted on the interpreter program calendar as they are scheduled. 

    Topics covered in the workshop include interpreting as a profession, the state's judicial system, ethics and professional development, interpreting skills and modes of interpretation. Candidates receive training materials, information about resources, legal glossaries and study tips for the written and oral examinations.

    Workshops are taught by federal and RID certified interpreters who have legal interpreting experience. Candidates must attend both sessions to meet certification requirements. Sessions start at 8 a.m. and end at 5 p.m. each day and are limited to a maximum of 50 attendees.


    To register for the orientation workshop, print, complete and mail the orientation registration form to the address at the bottom of the form. Since places are limited, it is important for candidates to submit registration forms as early as possible. The Interpreter Certification Program tries to accommodate candidates' date preference in the order forms are received. 

    The cost of the workshop is $150 for state residents and $175 for non-residents. Registrations must be accompanied by full payment. Payment can be made by money order or personal check written to the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts. Registration and payment must be received by 5 p.m. on the registration deadline listed as the first choice. A $25 fee is assessed for all returned checks. Registrations canceled before the confirmation letter is mailed are entitled to receive a full refund. Candidates who fail to attend the workshop will not receive a refund.

    Download the orientation registration form.


    Once forms and payments are received, candidates are sent a confirmation email. Once registration closes, candidates receive a confirmation letter with the location of their orientation site, directions and any other relevant information. All arrangements are made at the candidate's expense. You must bring your confirmation letter and a valid government issued photo ID on the first day of the workshop.

    Summer Teaching Jobs Available Nationwide:
    Teach Reading Classes to Students of All Ages

    Now Accepting Applications for Summer 2020

    The Institute of Reading Development offers summer reading skills programs in partnership with the continuing education departments of more than 100 colleges and universities nationwide. Since 1970, the Institute’s teachers have helped over 3 million students master valuable reading skills and develop a lifelong love of reading.  Programs designed by the Institute give students the right skills, books, and experiences that result in greater success in school and beyond.

    We are currently hiring hard-working, encouraging people with a passion for reading to teach our summer programs. As an Institute teacher you will:

    • Earn up to $8,000 in one summer. Our full-time teachers typically earn $550-$700 per week.
    • Improve your teaching skills and confidence during our comprehensive, paid training program.
    • Gain over 400 hours of classroom teaching experience with a variety of age groups from 4-year-olds to adults.
    • Help your students become successful readers with a love of great books.

    Successful Institute Teachers:

    • Have strong reading skills and read for pleasure
    • Are responsible and hard-working, with good communication and organizational skills
    • Will be patient and supportive with students
    Best of all, you’ll make a lasting impact on your students.

    In order to apply for a teaching job you must have:

    • A completed undergraduate degree (min. 3.0 GPA) before teaching begins--We are seeking applicants from any academic discipline
    • Full-time use of a reliable car throughout the summer
    • A computer with a webcam for participating in video meetings
    • Minimal or no scheduling conflicts during the training and teaching season

    Learn more about teaching for us and apply today: Summer Teaching Jobs


    Job Posting: Business Development Representative ($1,000 Signing Bonus!)


    RoadRunner Recycling is seeking upbeat, proactive, goal-oriented individuals to join our inside sales team at the company headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA.  

    As a Business Development Representative (BDR) you will be responsible for developing new business through proactive, strategic outreach methods including prospecting, cold-calling and lead qualification.

    You will be assigned to one of our fast-growing markets and paired with an Account Executive in the field. Together you will work as a team develop leads and grow the business on a day by day basis!

    If you're the type of person who gets excited about the opportunity for advancement in your career, then the RoadRunner Sales team is a great place for you!

    As a BDR, you will have the ability to earn three promotions within your first year! Each promotion comes with additional responsibility and of course more compensation!

    What you will be doing:

    • New business development
    • Lead-generation via prospecting
    • Cold calling
    • Building target call lists
    • Navigating the decision-making tree
    • Working closely with the Account Executive team

    To be great in this role you must be:  

    • Career-oriented
    • Coachable
    • Resilient
    • Confident
    • Passionate about growth
    • Possess a winner's mentality 
    • Resourceful

    Education: Two-year college degree required; 4-year college degree preferred

    We offer:

    • First class leadership!
    • Educational 8-week training program led by our head trainer and top performing reps
    • The opportunity to earn three promotions during your first twelve months
      • Top level reps carry a total compensation package of $60,000 annually
    • Uncapped commission!
    • Fun and motivating monthly contests
    • First class Health, Dental, & Vision coverage
      • RoadRunner pays 99% of the coverage for the employee and 75% for spouse and any dependents. Employees are eligible for benefits coverage in their second month of employment.
    • 401(k) with a generous 4% company match
      • Employees are eligible to participate after six months of employment
    • Commuter Benefits
    • 17 Earned Paid Vacation/Personal Days each year

    About RoadRunner Recycling:

    RoadRunner Recycling is one of the fastest growing companies in America. We are transforming the waste and recycling industry with innovative thinking and unprecedented results. We create and manage end-to-end waste and recycling solutions for businesses large and small. Every day we cut carbon emissions, divert recyclables from landfill and reduce operating costs for our customers. With the belief that recycling should be mutually beneficial for the planet and our pockets, we help commercial businesses recycle more and spend less.  

    • Voted by Business Insider as the #1 Hottest Enterprise Start-Up in the Country!
    • Voted by the Tech Tribune as one of the 2020 Best Tech Startups in Pittsburgh

    For consideration, PLEASE APPLY TODAY. We thank all applicants for their interest in RoadRunner Recycling, but only those selected for an interview will be contacted. We look forward to reading your application!

    RoadRunner Recycling is an affirmative action and equal opportunity employer and is committed to the full inclusion of all qualified individuals. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran status, or genetic information. It is the policy of RoadRunner Recycling that qualified individuals with disabilities are not discriminated against because of their disabilities regarding job application procedures, hiring, and other terms and conditions of employment. It is further the policy of RoadRunner Recycling to provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities in all aspects of the employment process. RoadRunner Recycling is prepared to modify or adjust the job application process or the job or work environment to make reasonable accommodations to the known physical or mental limitations of the applicant or employee to enable the applicant or employee to be considered for the position he or she desires, to perform the essential functions of the position in question, or to enjoy equal benefits and privileges of employment as are enjoyed by other similarly situated employees without disabilities, unless the accommodation will impose an undue hardship. To request reasonable accommodation, please contact our Human Resources department at RoadRunner Recycling, at

    Job Posting: Coordinator of Social Service Ministries

    Good Samaritan Catholic Church is seeking a Coordinator of Social Service Ministries to serve the Latino community in Beaver County. This individual will be responsible for extending the mission of this Church to serve and support immigrants by connecting them with social service providers and empowering them to become more self-sufficient. The overall mission of this ministry is to connect Latino immigrants with services so that they may successfully adjust and thrive in the United States and Beaver County. The Coordinator of Social Service Ministries must keep sight of the ultimate goal of building self-sufficiency and to facilitate coordinating and accessing community resources to empower immigrants to do increasingly more for themselves and for each other.
    This is a full-time position that will oversee a growing network of social services provided by Good Samaritan Catholic Church. This person will perform client intakes, individual assessments, coordination, and monitor the delivery of service coordination to high-need immigrant populations with language and cultural barriers. S/he will also oversee case assessments and management, referrals/coordination to social service, medical, and government agencies (etc.), and linkages with interpretation assistance and English classes. The ideal candidate will be fluent in both English and Spanish and have a background in serving minority communities.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in social service, education or related field (Master’s Degree a plus), and/or 3 years of experience with immigrant services, service coordination or other social services.
  • Alert to cross-cultural differences in dealing with foreign-born clients, able to behave in a culturally sensitive manner, and to respond appropriately to the cultural characteristics of the clients.
  • Excellent team player with organizational, communication, and leadership skills.
  • Be a practicing Catholic with familiarity with Catholic theology and social teachings.
  • Fluent or near fluent reading, writing, and speaking in English and Spanish. Experience in translation-interpretation is preferred.
  • Strict adherence to confidentiality and ability to pass a background check.
  • Flexible schedule for some evening and weekend hours. Car required.

  • Screen/meet with clients to determine and assess gaps in service, English proficiency level, medical needs, social service and other needs, provide referrals, and track progress on a regular basis.
  • Develop individual plans that aim to build competence in accessing services independently.
  • Coordinate services and referrals with partner agencies, County human service providers, schools, healthcare and government entities, etc.
  • Interpret in person or by phone to connect immigrants with services.
  • Collect and record client data, producing measurable outcomes, as appropriate.
  • Write case notes for all activities on behalf of clients, including any telephone communications.
  • Perform Exit interviews during last quarter to determine successes and future plans.
  • Serve as cultural liaison, informing internal and external providers on culture, norms and customs, and orienting immigrants to American systems, customs and culture.
  • Practice cultural sensitivity while engaging with professional partners, communities, and clients.
  • Recruit, train, and manage a team of volunteers to support the ministry and outreach.
  • Liaise with an ESL Coordinator and office staff to ensure room requests, schedule, announcements, and other ESL needs for clients needing English class referrals.
  • Attend any meetings required by supervisor.
  • Manage social media communications with Latino community.
  • SUPERVISOR: Casa San Jose, Monica Ruiz, Executive Director
    For more information, please contact

    Job Posting: SPANISH TEACHER

    Beginning August 2020

    St. Edmund’s Academy seeks a dedicated and dynamic educator to teach Spanish at St. Edmund’s Academy.

    The teacher will be responsible for designing curriculum, planning lessons, and promoting the world language program in collaboration with the school’s academic leaders. The teacher will also partner with the French and Latin teachers to implement a program that emphasizes fluency, linguistic dexterity, and an appreciation for global perspectives and the cultural aspects of language instruction.

    Candidates must possess enthusiasm for 21st century pedagogy, be open to change and new ideas, and have an outstanding record teaching elementary and/or middle school age groups. Excellent writing skills and strong verbal communication are expected. Ability to be positive, collaborative, detail-oriented, and innovative is essential. Candidates must have the capacity to teach extended periods in a rotating block schedule.

    Educators dedicated to meeting the academic, social, emotional and personal needs of children should apply. A Bachelor’s degree is required; a Master’s degree is preferred. Preference will be given to candidates who are fluent in more than two languages.

    St. Edmund’s Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, national or ethnic origin, or sexual orientation in the administration of its employment policies, or any other policy of the program.

    St. Edmund’s Academy provides an exceptional independent school experience for students in preschool through 8th grade, combining a rigorous academic curriculum with enduring Core Values and rich tradition in a nurturing environment.

    Core Values

    • Respect for the needs and feelings of others
    • Understanding and appreciation of the differences among people

    • The worthiness of service to others

    • The importance of taking responsibility for one’s own conduct

    • The central role of honesty in relationships

    • The value of setting high standards in all endeavors

    Core Competencies

    • Character

    • Critical thinking

    • Communication

    • Collaboration

    • Creativity

    • Cross-cultural competency

      Interested candidates should send a résumé and cover letter to:

      Thu-Nga Morris
      Assistant Head of School, Director of Academics, and Director of Upper School
      St. Edmund’s Academy
      5705 Darlington Road
      Pittsburgh, PA 15217

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