Affiliated Faculty

EUCE/ESC Affiliated Faculty

One of the unique strengths of the EUCE/ESC is its faculty. The Affiliated Faculty of the EUCE/ESC are faculty from the various schools, departments, and campuses of the University of Pittsburgh.

• College of Business Administration/Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business

Carrie Leana, George H. Love Professor of Organizations and Management; Director, Center for Health and Care Work
Barry Mitnick
, Professor of Business Administration and Public and International Affairs
Josephine Olson
, Professor and Director, International Business Center


• School of Education

Richard Donato, Chair and Associate Professor, Instruction and Learning Department
Maureen Porter
, Associate Professor
John Weidman
, Professor and Director of the Institute for International Studies in Education
Michael G. Lovorn, Professor 

• School of Arts and Sciences

Department of Anthropology

Robert Hayden, Professor; Director, Center for Russian and East European Studies
Andrew Strathern
, Andrew W. Mellon Professor of Anthropology

Department of Classics

Harry Avery, Professor
Edwin Floyd
, Professor
Nicholas Jones
, Professor
Andrew Miller, Professor and Graduate Advisor
Mae Smethurst
, Professor
Hans-Peter Stahl
, Andrew W. Mellon Professor of Classics

Department of Economics

Daniel Berkowitz, Professor
James Cassing
, Professor
Shirley Cassing
, Senior Lecturer; Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies
Frank Giarratani
, Professor; Director, Center for Industry Studies
Steven Husted, Professor
Jean-Francois Richard
, Distinguished University Professor

Department of English

Susan Andrade, Associate Professor
Jonathan Arac, Andrew W. Mellon Professor
Don Bialostosky, Professor and Chair
Troy Boone, Associate Professor; Director Graduate Studies
Curtis Breight
, Associate Professor
David Brumble
, Professor
Lori Campbell, Lecturer
Stephen Carr
, Associate Professor   
Lucy Fischer
, Distinguished Professor; Director, Film Studies Program
Marah Gubar, Associate Professor
Ronald Judy
, Professor
Hannah Johnson, Assistant Professor
James Knapp, Professor;Senior Associate Dean, Arts and Sciences
Marcia Landy
, Distinguished Professor
Adam Lowenstein, Associate Professor
Colin MacCabe
, Distinguished University Professor
Ryan McDermott, Assistant Professor
Daniel Morgan, Assistant Professor
Marianne Novy
, Professor
Gayle Rogers, Assistant Professor
Philip Smith
, Associate Professor of Composition and Literature
John Twyning, Professor; Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies, Arts and Sciences

Annette Vee, Assistant Professor
Jennifer Waldron, Assistant Professor; Director, Program in Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Michael West
, Professor of Literature

Department of French & Italian Languages and Literatures

Renate Blumenfeld-Kosinski, Professor and Chair
Lorraine Denman
, Italian Language Coordinator
Chole Hogg
, Assistant Professor in French
Lina Insana
, Associate Professor; Director of Graduate Studies (Italian)
Dennis Looney
, Professor (Italian) (on leave)
Giuseppina Mecchia
, Associate Professor (French and Italian); Director, Program in Cultural Studies
David Pettersen, Assistant Professor (French)
Todd Reeser, Associate Professor; Director, Graduate Studies (French); Associate Director, Humanities Center
Francesca Savoia
, Associate Professor; Director, Graduate Studies (Italian)
Brett Wells,
Undergraduate Advisor and Study Abroad Advisor, French

Department of German

Amy Diana Colin, Associate Professor
Randall Halle
, Klaus W. Jones Professor of German and Film Studies
John Lyon, Associate Professor and Chair
Clark Muenzer
, Associate Professor
Sabine Von Dirke
, Associate Professor
Elizabeth Wylie-Ernst
, Director, Language Studies; Director, Undergraduate Studies
Beverly Harris-Schenz, Associate Professor

Department of Hispanic Languages & Literatures

Bobby Chamberlain, Associate Professor 
Ana Paula Carvalho
, Portuguese Language Coordinator

Department of History

William Chase, Professor
Janelle Greenberg
, Professor
Bernard Hagerty
, Lecturer
Leslie Hammond, Lecturer
Diego Holstein, Acting Director, World History Center

Holger Hoock, Carroll J. Amundson Professor of British History
Peter Karsten
, Professor
Irina Livezeanu
, Associate Professor
Patrick Manning
, Andrew W. Mellon Professor; Director, World History Center
Tony Novosel
, Lecturer
Marcus Rediker
, Professor
Pernille Roege, Assistant Professor

Gregor Thum, Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies

Bruce Venarde, Professor
Niklas Frykman, Professor
Mari Webel, Professor
Molly Warsh, Professor
Katja Wezel, DAAD Visiting Assistant Professor 

Department of History & Philosophy of Science

James Lennox, Professor
Peter Machamer
, Professor
Paolo Palmieri, Associate Professor

Department of History of Art and Architecture

Christopher Drew Armstrong, Assistant Professor; Director, Architectural Studies
Gretchen Bender, Lecturer and Director, Undergraduate Studies
Kathleen Christian, Assistant Professor
Barbara McCloskey , Associate Professor
Alison Stones
, Professor
H. Anne Weis
, Associate Professor

Department of Linguistics

Claude Mauk, Lecturer; Director, Less-Commonly-Taught Languages Center
Marie Young, Instructor, Irish-Gaelic

Department of Music

James Cassaro, Adjunct Assistant Professor; Head, Theodore M. Finney Music Library
Mary Lewis, Faculty Emeritus
Anna Nisnevich
, Assistant Professsor
Emily Zazulia, Assistant Professor

Department of Philosophy

James Allen, Professor
Stephen Engstrom, Professor
Kenneth Manders, Associate Professor; Director, Graduate Studies
John McDowell, Distinguished University Professor
Nicholas Rescher, University Professor
Karl Schafer, Assistant Professor
Michael Thompson
, Professor; Director, placement

Department of Political Science

Despina Alexiadou, Assistant Professor
Patrick Altdorfer
, Lecturer
Daniela Donno, Assistant Professor
Steven Finkel
, Daniel Wallace Professor  
Michael Goodhart
, Associate Professor; Director Undergraduate Studies
Jonathan Harris
, Professor
Ronald Linden
, Professor; Director European Studies Center and European Union Center of Excellence
B. Guy Peters
, Maurice Falk Professor of American Government
Burcu Savun, Assistant Professor
Alberta Sbragia, Professor; Vice-Provost for Graduate Studies
Robert Walters, Faculty Emeritus
Frederick Whelan
, Professor
Nick Clark, Professor, Susquehanna University

Department of Psychology

Irene Frieze, Professor

Department of Religious Studies

Tony Edwards, Associate Professor
Alexander Orbach, Associate Professor; Director, Program in Jewish Studies
Adam Shear
, Associate Professor

Department of Slavic Languages & Literatures

Ilknur Lider, Instructor
Oscar Swan, Professor
Martin Votruba
, Assistant Professor

Department of Sociology

Mohammed Bamyeh, Professor
Suzanna Crage, Assistant Professor
Mike Epitropoulos, Visiting Lecturer
Melanie Hughes
, Assistant Professor
John Markoff
, University Professor; UCIS Research Professor

Department of Theatre Arts

Attilio Favorini, Professor; Director, Graduate Studies

Medieval and  Renaissance Studies Program

Jennifer Waldron, Assistant Professor Department of English; Director, Medieval & Renaissance Studies

Urban Studies Program

Carolyn Carson, Senior Lecturer, Department of History; Coordinator, Urban Studies Program

Office of the Chancellor

       Vijai Singh, Associate Chancellor; Professor, Department of Sociology

Office of the Provost

Juan Manfredi, Vice-Provost for Undergraduate Studies; Professor, Department of Mathematics
Alberta Sbragia, Vice-Provost, Graduate Studies;  Professor, Department of Political Science; Jean Monnet Chair ad personam

• Graduate School of Public Health

Bernard Goldstein, Professor

• Graduate School of Public and International Affairs

Carolyn Ban, Professor
Louise Comfort, Professor; Director, Center for Disaster Management; Director, Public & Urban Affairs Division
Sabina Deitrick
, Associate Professor, Co-Director, Urban and Regional Analysis Program, University Center for Social and Urban Research; Co-Director, Community Outreach Partnership Center
William Dunn
, Associate Dean and Professor
Müge Finkel, Assistant Professor
Shanti Gamper-Rabindran
, Assistant Professor
John T. S. Keeler
, Dean and Professor
Frank Kerber, Adjunct Professor
Gemma Marolda
, Lecturer
Michael Rizzi, Lecturer
Taylor Seybolt, Assistant Professor; Director, Ford Institute for Human Security
Charles Skinner, Adjunct Professor
Martin Staniland
, Professor; Director, International Affairs Division
Phil Williams
, Professor; Director, Matthew B. Ridgway Center for International Security Studies

  • School of Engineering

Paolo Galdi, William Whiteford Professor of Engineering and Material Sciences
Steven Levitan, John A. Jurenko Professor of Computer Engineering
Lisa Mailart, Associate Professor, Engineering
Piervincenzo Rizzo, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Anne Robertson, Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Material Sciences
Goetz Veser, Associate Professor, Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
  • School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Janice Vance, Assistant Professor and Director of Undergraduate Education in Communication Science and Disorders

  • School of Law

Elena Baylis, Associate Professor
Ronald Brand
, Professor; Director, Center for International Legal Education
Vivian Curran
, Professor  
Harry Fletchner, Professor
Charles Jalloh, Assistant Professor
David Thaw, Assistant Professor 

• School of Medicine

Kenneth Thompson, Associate Professor 

• School of Information Sciences

Martin Weiss, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Research; Associate Professor

• School of Social Work

Tracy Soska, Assistant Professor; Director, Continuing Education Program; Chair, Community Organization and Social Administration
Sara Goodkind, Associate Professor, School of Social Work, Department of Sociology, and Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies Program 

• University Center for International Studies

Lawrence Feick, Professor, Katz Graduate School of Business; Director, University Center for International Studies, Senior Director of International Programs

• University Library System

Jonathan Erlen, History of Medicine Librarian
Rush Miller, Director
Daniel Pennell
, Collection Development, Bibliographer
Phillip Wilkin , Social Sciences Bibliographer; Editor, Archive of European Integration

• University of Pittsburgh Bradford

           William Schumann III, Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology

   Helma de Vries-Jordan, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science

• University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg

Paul Adams, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science
Elisa Beshero-Bondar, Associate Professor, Department of English
Alicia Covarrubias, Asso ciate Professor, Department of Spanish Language and Literature
William Pamerleau, Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy
Margaret Rechter
, Associate Professor, Management Program

• University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown

Dolores J. Buttry, Assistant Professor, Foreign Language Program (German)
Barbara Petrosky
, Assistant Professor, Foreign Language Program (French)