Regulating Unregulated Migration

European and U.S. Reactions to Immigration

University of Pittsburgh
European Union Center of Excellence
European Studies Center
Department of Sociology

MAY 3-5, 2012

Pittsburgh Athletic Association
4125 Fifth Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Conference Program


Organized by Professor Suzanna Crage, Department of Sociology, this conference will examine policy responses to immigration in the U.S. and Europe.  In both regions, individual governments have responded to concerns about unregulated immigration with restrictive policies that have tested the boundaries and force of broader laws and agreements.  This conference will bring together policy experts from academia, think tanks, and the professional world to examine these recent trends.  The conference participants will address:  how have local responses varied and interacted?  How are the U.S. and European governance organizations responding to attempts to restrict immigration?  Answers and reactions to these questions will be examined in a comparative perspective in order to ask the larger question of what Europe and the U.S. can learn from each other.