Small Grants

Small Grants for Faculty Research and Travel

Each year the EUCE/ESC awards small grants (amounts are usually in the range of $500) to Affiliated Faculty to provide support for research-related expenses, conferences, translations of publications, and to help sponsor visitors who will give a public lecture at the University of Pittsburgh on a topic relevant to the center. 

The purpose of these awards is to supplement departmental or other funding, and the Center will usually ask about other sources of funding.  If an award is granted, the EUCE/ESC requests that the Center be acknowledged as a co-sponsor of any lecture or activity that receives funding.  The EUCE/ESC will also help publicize such co-sponsored events to students, faculty, and community members.

Application Procedure

There is no fixed deadline, and Affiliated Faculty may apply at any time during the year.  Affiliated Faculty should apply for an EUCE/ESC Small Grant by emailing or sending a hard copy to the Director, Dr. Ronald Linden, with a copy to the Associate Director, Allyson Delnore.  Applicants should indicate the total budget for the project, other possible funding sources, and the amount requested from the EUCE/ESC.