Ronald Linden
(412) 648-7405
4211 Posvar Hall
The EUCE/ESC, Grant Opportunities, and Collaboration
Staff Bio
Eleni Valliant
Administrative Assistant
4200 Posvar Hall
The Director, EUCE web site, The Weekly Update, EUCE Center Visitors
Staff Bio
Allyson Delnore
Associate Director; Adjunct Professor, Department of History
4215 Posvar Hall
Graduate Advising, Grant Proposals, Pittsburgh Papers on the European Union
Staff Bio
Stephen Lund
Assistant Director
(412) 648-7422
4216 Posvar Hall
Undergraduate Student Advising and Study Abroad, Certificates and Requirements
Staff Bio
Kate Bowersox
Assistant Director for External Affairs
4214 WWPH
Alumni engagement, event planning, conferences
Staff Bio
Suzanne Plutt
Budget Administrator
(412) 648-1069
4212 Posvar Hall
Budgets and Financial Adminstration
Staff Bio
Evgeny Postnikov
Library Research Advisor
(412) 648-7736
4213 Posvar Hall
Library Research and Papers, Class Visits
Zachary Riddle
Technology GSA
4200 Posvar Hall
Database Management
Gavin Jenkins
Newsletter GSA
4200 Posvar Hall
The EUCE/ESC Newsletter
Rebecca Young
Pittsburgh Papers GSA
4200 Posvar Hall
The Pittsburgh Papers
Mackenzie Weiler
Student Ambassador
Jess Sheehan
Undergraduate Researcher