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Tuesday, March 30

JMintheUS: Crisis Decision-Making: How COVID-19 Has Changed the Working Methods of the EU Institutions
1:00 pm
Sponsored by:
European Studies Center and European Union Center of Excellence along with Center for European Studies at the University of Florida
Corinne Tomasi, Carla Ruffer
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UF Jean Monnet Chair Series - Pandemics in Europe: Political and Social Responses

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the dynamics of the EU institutions. Much attention has been paid to the functioning of the EU institutions at the highest political level, but less so at the working levels of the Council, the Commission and the European Parliament. What was the nature of EU action in this time and how well did the decision-making machinery work? This talk analyses all three main institutions by: a) describing how decisions are usually made; b) exploring how they are made in corona times; and c) assessing how well the individual institutions were equipped and able to adapt to these unusual circumstances.