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Friday, April 16

Emerging Latinx Communities Reading Group
10:30 am to 11:30 am
Sponsored by:
Center for Latin American Studies along with Center for Health Equity
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We will be discussing the JAMA "no doctor is racist" issue. As you probably heard, in February JAMA published a podcast to discuss structural racism. The host made "strange" assertions. Sarah Sanders will guide us in a discussion of an article that talks about this, but please feel free to get more info on the topic.

How Whiteness Works: JAMA and the Refusals of White Supremacy, by Clarence, c. Gravlee, Somatosphere, March 27, 2021. http://somatosphere.net/2021/how-whiteness-works.html/

With the support of the Center for Latin American Studies, we explore 1) the problems Latinos in small yet rapidly growing populations face, and 2) how to solve those problems. We hope to get new writing and research collaborations going! Open to all interested: students, faculty, staff, and practitioners from Pitt and beyond. If you want to get extra network time, we will be there 30 minutes before and after the meeting times.

Meeting Passcode: Philadelphia