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Tuesday, March 30

JMintheUS: Politics as a Tool for Freedom and Education as a Commitment for Equality
1:00 pm
Sponsored by:
European Studies Center along with University of Colorado-Boulder Colorado European Union Center for Excellence

The European Union is strongly committed to the idea of ​​equal rights and respect for diversity in all its dimensions. This talk will address the gender perspective and the importance of foreign policies to strengthen strategies and measures that promote education for equality and its implications in terms of health and personal, social, cultural and economic empowerment.
The vulnerability of girls and young women requires a specific focus on gender issues to ensure access to all levels of education. Thus, education is assumed as a commitment to equality that will require a broad education for behavioral changes in relation to gender violence, involving all men, women, boys, girls and communities. It is education for lucidity and freedom.
This type of education cannot be done without politics, as the place for the formal assumptions of rationality on topics such as freedom and equality. This first and theoretical dimension will not make sense without the practical execution of action plans that must necessarily have as an ally the research that analyzes, evaluates, remakes and builds solid bases of action.
The EU has ambitious Action Plans for Gender Equality. What is often lacking is the assessment of the activities put into practice. Of course, it is important to know if the proposed activities are implemented, but equally important is that the intended outcomes are realized. We need to know whether we are going in the right direction or if a change in strategy is in order. Constant and consistent evaluation is vital to maintain the intended trajectory, keeping in mind that these strategies will have to take into account the different contexts and priorities for each country or region.
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