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Friday, October 22

Transforming Cities: Cities and Social Justice Mini Course
Mini Course
5:00 pm
Veronica Dristas
Sponsored by:
Asian Studies Center, Center for Russian East European and Eurasian Studies, European Union Center of Excellence and Global Studies Center along with Carnegie Mellon University
Free and Open to the Public w/ registration
Veronica Dristas
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Due to economic development and globalization, cities continue to grow with predictions that 70% of the world’s population will live in urban areas by the year 2050. This course, then, will view cities as hubs where patterns, connections, discussions, and the processes shape such issues as social justice, economic development, technology, migration, the environment among others. By examining cities as a lens, this sequence of weekend courses encourages students to examine cities as a system for discussing social processes being built and rebuilt. With an interdisciplinary focus, the course invites experts from the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon, and relevant fields more broadly.
This iteration of the course will explore such topics as: the rapid growth of cities and their impact on fair housing, gentrification, and poverty; the role of human rights cities as models; the role of migration on cities; the role of governance addressing inequality; the need to have access to health care; among others.

The course will occur on Friday, October 22nd, Saturday, October 23rd, and Sunday, October 24th. Engagement in the course should be synchronous; accommodations for those in significant time zone differences will be provided to allow enrollment and completion of all elements of the weekend. A pre-course video review of the major course assignment will need to be completed prior to the course starting.

Learn more and register here! https://www.ucis.pitt.edu/global/transforming-cities-minicourse