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Wednesday, March 16

Conversations on Europe: “Reckoning with the Past III: Reparations to the Victims of Colonial Violence
12:00 pm
Sponsored by:
European Studies Center along with Jean Monnet in the USA Network, Miami-Florida Jean Monnet European Center of Excellence at Florida International University, Center for European Studies at the University of Florida, European Union Center at the University of Illinois, Center for European Studies at University of Texas-Austin and Center for European and Transatlantic Studies at Georgia Tech University
Kenny Reilly
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Colonialism in the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries left legacies of violence, displacement, and economic underdevelopment with which European states and countries formerly under European control continue to reckon. How are damages calculated? Will restitution and recompense lead to reconciliation and social justice? Join us for a discussion of the transnational politics and history of reparations.

Joshua Kwesi Aikins, Human Rights Activist/Public Scholar
Wes Alcenat, Fordham University
Verene A. Shepherd, University of the West Indies
Claire Greenstein, University of Alabama-Birmingham

Moderated by Allyson Delnore, University of Pittsburgh