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Friday, February 18

Introduction to Arctic Issues
3:30 pm to 7:00 pm
1502 Posvar
Sponsored by:
Center for Russian East European and Eurasian Studies, European Studies Center, Global Studies Center and Global Experiences Office along with Ford Institute for Human Security, Pitt Climate, Global Change Center and Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation
Maja Konitzer
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Learn from expert speakers about critical issues facing the Arctic region—such as climate change, Arctic security, and shifting cultural identities during the Anthropocene. Attendees will receive a resource book about future opportunities to explore Arctic topics.

Speakers include:
Brandon Boylan, GSPIA and European Studies Center Alum
Eitan Shelef, Associate Professor at Pitt and Pitt Climate Center researcher
Theresa Baughman, Artist, Pitt Studio Arts alumna
Representative from Kerecis, a biotechnology company that develops and markets regenerative grafts from fish skin

Refreshments will be provided for in-person attendees, as well as a Zoom link for remote attendees.

Register here - https://forms.gle/cpkuw8mnA45rNBor5