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Thursday, March 31

Careers in Technology and Data Analytics
Global Career Week: Technology & Data
11:00 am
Neha Chanu
Sponsored by:
Asian Studies Center, Center for African Studies, Center for Latin American Studies, Center for Russian East European and Eurasian Studies and Global Studies Center
Elaine Linn
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Whether it be the development of a new app, advocating for new health care policies, creating accessible transportation, or building defense systems, all major projects require a form of data collection and interpretation. The collection and analyzation of data plays an ever-increasing critical role in our society. Speakers, including several alums from the social sciences, will share their career path to the fields of technology and data.

Neha Chanu possesses experience as a data scientist in advanced analytics and holds a current position as a product manager for an augmented reality enterprise solution, Qhanu, Inc. She obtained a bachelor's degree in Natural Sciences and a master's degree in Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh. Neha speaks English, Hindi, and Marathi. She will discuss her background and daily work in analytics and the augmented reality industry.