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Tuesday, April 19

Brazil's Answer to a Global Mental Health Crisis: Integrative Community Therapy
5:30 pm to 7:00 pm
Dr. Adalberto de Paula Barreto MD, PhD
4130 Posvar/Zoom
Sponsored by:
Center for Latin American Studies along with Visible Hands Collaborative, Staunton Farm Foundation and JPB Foundation
Alexis Takoushian
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Integrative Community Therapy is a method of conducting large dialogic groups, facilitated by lay people or professionals, that provide social and emotional support in a unique way. The Brazilians call it “solidarity care”, noting that its the community that is the therapy. Visible Hands Collaborative is making the first effort to bring it to the US and the anglophone world. Dr. Barreto will describe ICT’s developments, outline how it is organized, the principles it is based on, and share information about its results. The challenges in front of any effort to translate it from its Brazilian culture form to an American one will be highlighted, as well as the ways that might facilitate this to happen. Reception to follow the lecture.