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Thursday, January 15

Korean Art after the Korean War
2:00 pm
Joo-eun Lee
4130 Posvar Hall, University of Pittsburgh
Sponsored by:
Asian Studies Center

This lecture aims to investigate the direction of Korean art of the past half century, through observing the trends in modern Korean history. It will briefly cover the social and artistic background of Korea in the 1960s to 2010s. The core issue that is pursued by the art of today is ‘communication.’ The reason behind the popularity of artworks that carry the meaning of breaking barriers between artistic genres, overcoming prejudices among people, and destructing regional boundaries is all for the sake of smoothening out communication. By introducing some influential Korean artists of these days that turned to the everyday culture after experiencing epic changes on a national level, what the present era is trying to express, as well as the situation it is facing, is discussed.