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Wednesday, October 18

Chutz-POW!: Stories of Survivors in Comics
10:00 am to 11:00 am
The Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh
918 WPU
Sponsored by:
International Week along with Jewish Studies Program

In 2013 The Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh launched an initiative to teach the Holocaust in a new way. Form this was bornn Chutz-POW!: Real Superheroes of the Holocaust, a comic book series telling the true life stories of survivors. Since that time two issues of the series have been released, featuring art and writing by Pittsburgh creators. The first issue focused on five survivors who settled in Pittsburgh while issue two told the stories of more internationally well-known figures. A third issue with the theme of Children of the Holocaust is currently in production. This panel will discuss the history of the project, its impact, as well as the artistic and educational goals envisioned.

Participants will include:
Lauren Bairnsfather, Executive Director of the Pittsburgh Holocaust Center.
Zachary Zafris, Editor and Project Manager of issues 1 and 2.
Marcel Walker, Lead Artist, Editor, and Project Manager of issue 3.
Wayne Wise, Comics Scholar and Lead Writer.