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Friday, February 16

Enlightened by Oblivion
3:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Andrés Di Tella
602 Cathedral of Learning--Humanities Center
Sponsored by:
Center for Latin American Studies along with the Department of Hispanic Languages and Literatures
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Presentation and round table follow by a reception

Enlightened by Oblivion explores different uses of materials labelled as “found”: anonymous photographs, old news shows, recycled television shows, and found footage. The “found” materials, almost by definition, had to be lost previously: illuminated by forgetfulness. In the discarding, in the abandonment, there is an insubordinate energy, an unexpected illumination that cannot be found in that which is deliberate, in what was searched for and found. In this sense, even one’s own material can become “found” material. This talk features unreleased material.

Andrés Di Tella is a filmmaker, writer, and curator based in Buenos Aires, Argentine. He has directed: Montoneros, una historia (1995), Macedonio Fernández (1995), Prohibido (1997), La televisión y yo (2002), Fotografías (2007), El país del Diablo (2008) Hachazos (2011), ¡Volveremos a las montañas! (2012), Máquina de sueños (2013), El ojo en el cielo (2013) and 327 cuadernos (2015)

Enlightened by Oblivion will be followed by a roundtable discussion featuring: Laura Podalsky, the Ohio State University, and Rocio Gordon, Christopher Newport University.