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Sunday, March 25

The Battle for Dukla Pass
2:00 pm
Bill Turkulich
1500 Posvar Hall
Announced by:
Center for Russian and East European Studies on behalf of Pitt Student Slovak Club; Slovak Studies Program

A life-long expert on the Battle of Dukla Pass, Bill Tarkulich will discuss the breadth of the revered, crucial, protracted, and bloody chapter in Slovaks’ confrontation with Nazi control toward World War II, including in-tended strategy, unintended political and social results, personalities, local citizenry. He weighs in on the effects the disastrous battle had on the Slovak National Uprising. Mr. Tarkulich has published several papers on Rusyn family history, homeland history, and genealogy research methods for most families in Slovakia. Many of his methods have become de-facto standards for research in Slovakia in general and the Carpathian Mountains and border lands specifically. He graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology and went on to earn a grad-uate degree at Northeastern University.

Refreshments will be served