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Tuesday, April 24

Housing as a Human Right: Legal and Ethical Considerations
6:00 pm
Pitt's Human Rights Working Group
107 David Lawrence Hall
Sponsored by:
Global Studies Center along with University of Pittsburgh's Urban Studies Program, Pitt Human Rights Initiative, University of Pittsburgh School of Law, City of Pittsburgh Commission on Human Relations and Human Rights City Alliance
Jackie Smith
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In 2011, Pittsburgh’s City Council named our city a “Human Rights City.” This designation signals the city’s commitment to human rights and its intention to “[work] to provide leadership and advocacy to secure, protect, and promote human rights for all people.” This panel offers perspectives about how this commitment to human rights could be realized in the area of housing. Panelists with backgrounds in national and international human rights law and advocacy will discuss lessons being developed in communities around the country about how to better implement internationally recognized human rights in local policies. In addition, participants will learn how international treaties and the United Nations relate to housing practices in cities like Pittsburgh and about work happening in Pittsburgh to promote innovative approaches to the affordable housing crisis.

Panelists include: Gerald S. Dickinson, Esq., Assistant Professor of Law, University of Pittsburgh School of Law
Jackie Smith, Professor of Sociology, University of Pittsburgh; Coordinator, Pittsburgh Human Rights City Alliance, and Steering Committee chair, National Human Rights Cities Alliance; Carl Redwood, Hill District Consensus Group