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Saturday, September 29

Silk Screen Film Festival: Mayurakshi
5:00 pm
125 Frick Fine Arts Auditorium
Sponsored by:
Asian Studies Center along with Silk Screen Asian Arts & Culture Organization
Admission is free for Pitt students and faculty
Lynn Kawaratani
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2017 | India | 100 Minutes | Drama
Director: Atanu Ghosh

SYNOPSIS: Mayurakshi follows Aryanil, who has traveled from Chicago to Kolkata to meet with and care for his aging father, Sushobhan, who is in poor health. With dementia phasing out his immediate past, Sushobhan tends to be silent, irritable, and fretful. The son, with his failed marriages behind him, faces life numbly and without hope. When Sushobhan starts asking for the mysterious Mayurakshi, Aryanil realizes he has more on his plate than he originally anticipated.