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Friday, September 28

Silk Screen Film Festival: Missing Johnny
6:30 pm
Seventh Floor Auditorium, Alumni Hall
Sponsored by:
Asian Studies Center along with Silk Screen Asian Arts & Culture Organization
Admission is free for Pitt students and faculty
Lynn Kawaratani
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2017 | Taiwan | 104 Minutes | Drama
Director: Huang Xi

SYNOPSIS: Following Hsu's move to Taipei by herself, she starts receiving a series of wrong-number calls for the mysterious Johnny. As her emotions stir, Hsu attempts to put Johnny's life together piece by piece. Lee, her landlord's son, becomes increasingly obsessed with Hsu and her new bird. Feng is a wandering foreman hired by Lee's mother to start a renovation site nearby their apartment, who becomes overcome with paranoia when his car breaks down on the way to Lee's. The three Taipei residents' lives merge and intertwine due to Hsu's lost bird, and the transient beauty from the exchange blooms into serendipity and awe.