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Sunday, September 23

Silk Screen Film Festival: The Return
5:30 pm
125 Frick Fine Arts Auditorium
Sponsored by:
Asian Studies Center along with Silk Screen Asian Arts & Culture Organization
Admission is free for Pitt students and faculty
Lynn Kawaratani
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2018 | Denmark/South Korea | 85 Minutes | Drama/Hybrid
Director: Malene Choi

SYNOPSIS: Based on director Malene Choi's personal experience and on stories shared by adoptees Malene encountered in Seoul while shooting the film, The Return tells the story of two Danish-Korean adoptees returning for the first time to the country where they were born. Intrigued by the spirit of their motherland and confronted with the personal stories of the fellow adoptees they meet in Seoul, Karoline and Thomas are hurled into an emotionally disorienting journey that forces them both to question their own identity and destiny. Quirky, yet understated and touching, The Return asks us to consider the nature vs. nurture debate on a more personal level than ever before.