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Thursday, February 14

Critical Research on Africa Series: Beyond Survival: The Hidden Peoples of Uganda - A Research Update
12:00 pm
Paige Alderson
4217 WWPH
Sponsored by:
Center for African Studies
African Studies Program
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Hidden Peoples are those persons relegated to the fringes of society on account of their race, religion, social, political or other characteristics, including mental and physical disabilities. In Uganda, our focus is on 4 groups of Hidden Peoples:

(1) persons with disabilities (2) sexual and gender based violence (3) acid attacks (4) war & conflict related survivors

Presenter: Paige Alderson is in her final year as a joint degree student at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law & GSPIA, majoring in International & Comparative Law and Human Security. In addition to her work as an African Studies Fellow, she is the co-coordinator of the Hidden Peoples Project and chief author of the book to be produced by the project.