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Tuesday, March 26

After Suburbia: Research and Action in the Suburban Century
12:00 pm
Roger Kreil
4130 Posvar
Sponsored by:
Global Studies Center
Veronica Dristas
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Urbanization is at the core of the global economy today. Yet, the crucial aspect of 21st century urban development is suburbanization - defined as an increase in non-central city population and economic activity, as well as urban spatial expansion. It includes all manner of peripheral growth: from the wealthy gated communities of Southern California, to the high rise-dominated suburbs of Europe and Canada, the exploding outskirts of Indian and Chinese cities, and the slums and squatter settlements in Africa and Latin America.

Professor Roger Keil (York University), author of Suburban Planet, presents the current strands of global research on suburbanization, and discusses the consequences of the suburban century for scholars, activists, and citizens.