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Sunday, March 31

Movie: Girls Always Happy (Rou Qing Shi)
4:00 pm to 5:30 pm
Directed by Yang Mingming
McConomy Auditorium, Carnegie Mellon University
Sponsored by:
Asian Studies Center

"Girls Always Happy is unflinching in its exploration of a difficult parent-child dynamic, benefitting from intricate performances from the two leads." -Sarah Ward, Screen Daily

Wu is in her mid-twenties and lives with her mother in a traditional one-story house in one of Beijing's hutongs. Both consider themselves to be writers, but success has so far eluded them. Their unhealthily close relationship is characterized by reproaches and quibbling; only during meals do they appear to lay down their verbal weapons. The situation escalates when both Wu and her mother hit an emotional low. Often compared to the fellow mother-daughter film, LADYBIRD, GIRLS ALWAYS HAPPY is both a funny and dramatic depiction of a complicated parent-child relationship, elevated by the charming performances of the two leads: An Naiver and director Yang Mingming herself.

Chinese Young Generation Film Forum, 2018, Best New Screenwriter
Five Flavors Asian Film Festival, 2018, Special Mention
Hong Kong International Film Festival, 2018, FIPRESCI Prize, Golden Firebird Award in Young Cinema
International Women's Film Festival Seoul, 2018, Best Director
Seattle International Film Festival, 2018, China Stars Award
Shanghai International Film Festival, 2018, Media Choice Award for Filmmaker