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Friday, September 6 to Saturday, September 7

Critical Methods of European Culture Studies
1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Varies, see event description
Sponsored by:
Center for Russian East European and Eurasian Studies and European Studies Center along with Critical European Culture Studies and Herder Institute for Historical Research on East-Central Europe
Sera Passerini
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The graduate program in Critical European Culture Studies with the support of the Center for Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies, the European Studies Center, and the Herder Institute for Historical Research on East Central Europe (Marburg, Germany) will host an international workshop open to University of Pittsburgh faculty and students. The contemporary period has called forth a re-thinking of methods and approaches to the study of Europe's cultures in the present and the past. Participants in this workshop are at the forefront of considering Europe as a term of debate, analyzing it as a discourse, investigating its cultural apparatuses, and exploring its rich and transforming history. Approaching the term Europe critically (even skeptically), this workshop will offer an opportunity to critically engage with established methods of accounting for the peoples, the arts, and the letters of a European multilingual polyphony and a Europe of multi-spatial and contested relations.


Friday, September 6, 501 Cathedral of Learning

12:45-1:00pm Welcome

1:00-2:00pm Session 1: Novel Europe

Presenters: John Lyon (University of Pittsburgh), "Europeanization and Irrepressible Binaries"
Ilinca Iurascu (University of British Columbia), "Turn-of-the-Century Epistolary Novellas and the European Others of the German Periodical Press"

Respondents: Lina Insana (University of Pittsburgh), Sabine von Dirke (University of Pittsburgh)

2:15-3:15pm Session 2: Europe on Exhibition

Presenters: Katrin Sieg (Georgetown University), "Colonial Presence and Cosmopolitan Temporalities at the Museum"
Emi Finkelstein (University of Pittsburgh), "Synchronicity: Contemporary Europe as a Temporal Project"

Respondents: Felix Germain (University of Pittsburgh) and Anke Biendara (University of California, Irvine)

3:30-3:15pm Session 3: Polity, Sovereignty, Empire

Presenters: Mohammed Bamyeh (University of Pittsburgh), "Post-national Culture, Neo-Imperial Politics"
Nancy Condee (University of Pittsburgh), " Eurasian Sovereignty in Postcommunism’s Third Decade (2009–2019)"

Respondents: Katrin Sieg (Georgetown University) and Randall Halle (University of Pittsburgh)

<strong>Saturday, September 7, 602 Cathedral of Learning<strong>

10:00-11:00am Session 4: European Integration History

Presenters: Cristina Blanco Sio Lopez (University of Pittsburgh/ European University Institute), "Oral History Assets and Prospects: The Case of European
Integration History"
Randall Halle (University of Pittsburgh), "European Dis/Union as European Cultural Integration Theory"

Respondents: Salvatore Poier (University of Pittsburgh) and Nancy Condee (University of Pittsburgh)

11:15am-12:30pm Session 5: European Margins and Migrants

Presenters: Heath Cabot (University of Pittsburgh), "Humility, Expertise, and the Politics of Relevance on Europe’s Margins"
Lina Insana (University of Pittsburgh), "Migrant Testimony, Translation, Dialect, and Lampedusa/”Fortress Europe”
Salvatore Poier (University of Pittsburgh), "In-Your-Backyard-Research: Advantages and Challenges"

Respondents: Peter Haslinger (Herder Institute/University of Gießen) and Allyson Delnore (University of Pittsburgh)

1:30-2:30pm Session 6: European Territory

Presenters: Jan Musekamp (University of Pittsburgh), "European Integration and Disintegration before 1914: The Case of the European Railroad Network"
Allyson Delnore (University of Pittsburgh), "Making and Unmaking Europe Overseas: The Case of France and French Guiana"

Respondents: Ilinca Iurascu (University of British Columbia) and Jeanette Jouili (University of Pittsburgh)

2:45-3:45pm Session 7: EUropean Cultural Policy

Presenters: Sabine von Dirke (University of Pittsburgh), "No Culture - No EUrope: The Initiative 'Soul for Europe' and the Politics of Affect"
Anke Biendarra (University of California Irvine), "Reframing German-Language Literature as European Literature"

Respondents: John Lyon (University of Pittsburgh) and Cristina Blanco Sio Lopez (University of Pittsburgh/ European University Institute)

4:00-5:00pm Session 8: Other European Solidarities, Territories, Sovereignities

Presenters: Zsuzsánna Magdó (University of Pittsburgh), "Ferenc Balázs, Transylvanism and Global Utopia, 1923-1937"
Peter Haslinger (Herder Institute/University of Gießen), "Cultural Heritage, National Pasts, and the Symbolic Geography of Europe's Eastern Fringe"

Respondents: Jan Musekamp (University of Pittsburgh) and Mohammed Bamyeh (University of Pittsburgh)

5:00-5:15pm Next Steps