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Monday, October 21

Sustainable Development: Uganda
Experiences in the Field
3:00 pm
Dr. Victoria Nalongo Namusisi
4130 WWPH
Sponsored by:
Center for African Studies
Elizabeth Myers, Administrative Assistant
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Victoria will discuss sustainable development perspectives as a leading expert with years of experience of fieldwork in her home country of Uganda. She has been a journalist, high-ranking government official, and development worker. Through all her roles, her focus has always been on making her community a safer, healthier, more educated, and brighter place. She founded Bright Kid’s Uganda, a children’s home, in 2000 with the mission to rescue vulnerable and economically disadvantaged children from the dire circumstances in which they are currently living, by providing housing, their necessities, and education. The hope is that these children will have a chance to fully recognize their potential and empower them to become leaders and productive members of their community.

The presentation will be followed by a Round Table Discussion hosted by Victoria for students interested in travelling to Uganda to participate in the field based learning, research and internship program over the summer. Victoria will discuss Bright Kids Uganda and other affiliated organizations that students can select for internship opportunities. The roundtable will be a great forum for students to ask questions and discuss logistics and opportunities. Victoria will outline areas of need within her organizations and those affiliated, as well as listen to student’s areas of interest to create personalized internships. Several students who have participated in the field based learning and internship program in Uganda will be present to engage with the discussions and share their own personal stories. This will be a wonderful opportunity for students to meet Victoria and learn as much as possible about the experience of living and working in Uganda!