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Tuesday, August 11

Teaching Language Online: Summer Workshop Series
Research-Driven Principles of Russian Heritage language Pedagogy
4:30 pm to 6:30 pm
Olesya Kisselev (University of Texas, Austin) and Irina Dubinina (Brandais University)
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Sponsored by:
Center for Russian East European and Eurasian Studies
Sera Passerini
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This workshop series is designed to offer Russian language college and high-school
instructors training in applying language pedagogy and instructional technology methodologies for teaching language in the F2F, online, and hybrid mode of delivery and in identifying the most effective ways of creating communicative, proficiency-based learning activities and assessments for diverse L2 learners.

Tuesday, July 28th
WORKSHOP 1: Authentic Web-Based Language Content and Learning Experiences for Russian Language Students
Olga Klimova, University of Pittsburgh

Friday, August 1st
Students Don’t Have to Do Work Solo: Group Projects in Online Settings
Izolda Savenkova, Dickinson College

Tuesday, August 4th
Using Web-based Slides for Interactivity: Nearpod and Peardeck in a Russian Language Classroom
Michael O’Brien, University of Pittsburgh
Maria Dianifaba, St. Edmund's Academy
Olga Klimova, University of Pittsburgh

Friday, August 7th
Self-, Peer-, and Outside Assessments in the Language Classroom: Digital Portfolios
Olga Klimova, University of Pittsburgh

Tuesday, August 11th
Research-driven Principles of Russian Heritage Language Pedagogy
Olesya Kisselev, University of Texas, Austin
Irina Dubinina, Brandais University

Friday, August 14th
Language Learning Activities for Interpersonal Communication in the Online Environment
Liudmila Klimanova, University of Arizona