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Friday, October 2

Transnational Dialogues in Afrolatinidad: Migration, Policing and Political Movements
Faculty Fellow: Dr. Michele Reid-Vazquez
1:00 pm to 2:30 pm
Dr. Michele Reid-Vazquez & Dr. George Reid Andrews
Virtual, see website to join!
Sponsored by:
Global Studies Center along with Department of Africana Studies
Free and Open to the Public
Veronica Dristas
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This webinar focuses on migration, policing, and political movements, particularly involving the experiences of Afro-Brazilians, Afro-Mexicans, and U.S.-based Afro-Latinxs. Scholars working at the intersections of Africana, Latinx, and Latin American studies will explore the ways that these issues overlap and impact Afro-Latin Americans and their diasporic communities in the U.S.

The event is sponsored by the Global Studies Center, in collaboration with Hispanic Heritage Month and the Afro-Latin American and Afro-Latinx Studies Initiative (Department of Africana Studies) at the University of Pittsburgh. Featured panelists include: Dr. Eddie Bonilla, UCIS Postdoctoral Fellow in Latinx Studies at the University of Pittsburgh; Dr. Jennifer Jones of the University of Illinois at Chicago; Dr. Zachary Morgan of Penn State University; and Dr. Keisha-Khan Y. Perry of Brown University.