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Sunday, August 30

India Day
at the Drive In
7:30 pm
Starlight Drive In (Butler, PA)
Sponsored by:
Asian Studies Center and Nationality Rooms and Intercultural Exchange Programs along with Screenshot:Asia

The Nationality Rooms Programs and the Indian Nationality Room Committee honors the culture and heritage of India and the 74th anniversary of its independence. India Day is a tribute to the entire Indian community, friends, volunteers, various Indian organizations, businesses, and restaurants for their unwavering support of this celebration and the Indian Nationality Room Scholarships.
To be safe, the celebration will be held at the Starlight Drive-In (1985 N Main St. Extension, Butler, PA 16001) where we can socially distance together. We will watch "Har Kisse, Ke Hisse: Kaamyaab."
Directed by Hardik Mehta and starring Sanjay Mishra, the film follows Sudheer, an actor from the heyday of Bollywood. Years after his retirement, he realizes that he ‘retired’ on
the verge of accomplishing a unique record. He decides to come out of his retirement to complete the round figure of 500.

COVID-19 - If you attend the drive-in, be advised that:
• You may not park your vehicle within ten feet of another vehicle.
• You must view the movie from within your vehicle.
• You must practice social distancing at all times.
• The snack bar and bathrooms are open. Please practice social distancing and safe hygiene at all times if you leave your car. Space is limited and tickets are required. To register, please click here If you have any questions, please contact asia@pitt.edu