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Wednesday, September 30

RICE & ... Series: Rice and Beans--a Continental Classic
3:30 pm to 5:00 pm
Sponsored by:
Center for Latin American Studies, Global Hub and UCIS Engagement

The Pitt Global Hub and the University Center for International Studies Engagement Team present "RICE & ...," a series on staple dishes from around the world shown through an educational and DIY lens.

Rice is nutritious, easy to produce, transport, and prepare, resulting in a nearly worldwide staple. Indeed, rice is the main ingredient, or an important part, of culturally significant dishes and culinary routines around the globe. This series showcases diverse approaches adding locally available ingredients through the filter of cultural traditions and migration to create unique dishes, laden with history, customs, stories and flavor.

In this first edition, the Center for Latin American Studies will perform two parallel, informal cooking demonstrations for all ?Rice and Beans?lovers: one will follow the traditional path to a version of rice and beans (with full kitchen resources), while the other version will be an express version that may be prepared in typical dorm room settings. The culinary orientation will be accompanied by commentary, history and anecdotes about the use of rice in the Americas, the diversity of rice dishes from all over the region, illustrating adaptations related to regional resources, cultural traditions and nutritional needs.

Register here: https://pitt.zoom.us/j/99315418519

After registering you will receive the schedule for the event, and a list of ingredients for your convenience? you can choose to cook along with us, or just watch and virtually hang out with us as we unravel what seems like a simple task into many strands, while we have fun (hopefully with edible results)!