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Saturday, September 26

Screenshot: Japan Documentary Film Award
Screening of Tokachi Tsuchiya's AN ANT STRIKES BACK (2019)
7:00 pm
Sponsored by:
Asian Studies Center along with Film and Media Studies Program; SCREENSHOT: ASIA

7:00 PM: An introduction with Grand Prize winner Tokachi Tsuchiya and a screening of his film An Ant Strikes Back (2019)

9:00 PM A conversation with Tokachi Tsuchiya about his award winning film

All events will be screened live on vimeo: https://vimeo.com/event/227238


Kyoto native Tokachi Tsuchiya is an award-winning film maker and the 2020 JDFA Grand-Prize winner for his film, "An Ant Strikes Back" (Ari jigoku tengoku). In addition to his most recent documentary, his debut film, "A Normal Life, Please" (2008), received attention from the international film community in 2009 for its portrayal of the lives of Japanese truck drivers. He is also a co-counder for the film production company, Group Low Position.

"An Ant Strikes Back" tells the story of an employee speaking out against the labor abuses of the corporation where he works. The film draws from the traditions of great activist films, exploring the powerful story of a man who fights for his rights and the dignity of his labor.