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Thursday, October 15

What Brexit might mean for the future of Scotland, the UK, and Europe
2:00 pm
John Edward
Sponsored by:
European Studies Center and European Union Center of Excellence along with University of Colorado-Boulder Colorado European Union Center for Excellence
Shireen Miller
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The United Kingdom's relationship within the European Union has always been a hesitant one, late to the party of European integration. Now since that relationship is coming to an end, the once-powerful union of the United Kingdom itself looks fragile and in question.

John Edward will look at the UK's seemingly inexorable exit from the EU, and how that has mirrored a growth in national political sentiment in the constituent parts of the UK itself. How will Edinburgh, London and the other capitals of Europe respond? Will departure from one union after almost 50 years mean exit from another that has lasted 300 years?

John Edward represented Scotland in the European Union for 8 years, as Scotland's Parliament was re-established, having worked for the last surviving "founding father" of the EU. Thereafter, he ran the European Parliament's Office in Scotland - seeking to bring the Parliament's activities closer to its voters. In the 2016 EU exit referendum, John was the Chief Spokesman for the "Remain" campaign in Scotland (which won).

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