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Friday, February 19

Panoramas Round Table: Disability and Mental Illness in Latin America: Exploring Chile’s Access to Resources
4:15 pm
Bridget Hogue and Peyton Stuart
Online (Zoom)
Sponsored by:
Center for Latin American Studies along with Panoramas
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The lack of resources for mental health and disabilities in Chile represents a pattern of slow but progressive growth in Latin America. The current health insurance system creates segmentation among high-risk individuals, which has caused an accumulation of people with psychiatric disabilities in the public sector. For those with intellectual and physical disabilities, the country is seeing a shift towards a more inclusive workforce and education system. The quality and quantity of resources is heavily influenced by a long-lasting stigma toward disability and mental illness. While attitudes toward physical or visible disabilities seem to be shifting towards acceptance, more efforts are needed to improve the perception of people with mental disorders.

Bridget Hogue and Peyton Stuart will lead this week's round table. The article will be available to read on https://panoramas.pitt.edu.

Registration Required: https://tinyurl.com/4jwv3g74