The Mole Agent Documentary Screening

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Friday, April 9, 2021 - 18:30
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As Scheduled
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This documentary screening is part of the Fall 2021 Latin American and Caribbean Festival Preview.

A Chilean man and recent widower named Sergio answers a classified ad for an unusual job at a private investigation service. It's unusual in part because it’s looking for men between the ages of 80 and 90, who are good with technology, and independent. After he wins the gig, Sergio learns that he’ll be infiltrating a retirement home, armed with a pen that has a mini-camera, and thick-rimmed glasses with a camera inside as well. Sergio's mission is to make sure that one client’s mother, who is at the facility, is not being abused, or having her things stolen. It's a job that the stoic 83-year-old will take on with his clear sense of pride, and compassion—if he can just figure out his iPhone first. For however quaint and sporadically quirky it is, "The Mole Agent" is an earnest look at old age, and a community full of people just like Sergio. -

Registration is required. The day of the film, around 6:20 pm you will receive information about how to watch the film online. The film is in Spanish and has English subtitles.

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Center for Latin American Studies
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