From Collectively Close to Communally Distant and Back Again: Four Models of Annotation and Interpretation in the Digital Humanities

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Joel Burges, Associate Professor at the University of Rochester
Thursday, November 11, 2021 - 17:30 to 19:30
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As Scheduled
CL 232

Dr. Burges is the principal investigator on Mediate, a platform for the digital annotation of audiovisual and time-based media with cross-disciplinary applications. His primary collaborators on Mediate are Emily Sherwood,Director of the Digital Scholarship Lab and Studio X at the University of Rochester, and Joshua Romphf, the head programmer of the Digital Scholarship Lab at theUniversity of Rochester. Burges is the author of Out of Sync & Out of Work: History and the Obsolescence of Labor in Contemporary Culture(Rutgers UP, 2018) and co-editor, with Amy J. Elias, ofTime: A Vocabulary of the Present (NYU Press, 2016).His current work includes Television and the Work ofWriting (which explores writing for television as both economic labor and aesthetic craft – as work and form –from Rod Serling, Carl Reiner, William Greaves, and Tina Fey to Michaela Coel, Mindy Kaling, Jill Soloway, and Matthew Weiner) and Late Bourgeois Unities, a more experimental investigation of affect, form, and subjectivity in a time of class morbidity and economic stagnation. His writing has appeared in New German Critique, Post45,Digital Humanities Quarterly, and Cinema Journal. To register for this lecture, click here.

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