MEET the Filmmaker: Discovering Sweden; Welfare and Weapons

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Wednesday, March 30, 2022 - 18:00
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As Scheduled
Global Hub in Posvar Hall
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Meet the 2022 MEET EU Emerging EU Filmmaker in Residence, Simon Elvas. Students are invited to watch (along with the filmmaker) his satirical short film (20 minutes), that explores the intersection of politics, protest and culture. After the film, join Simon in a free-flowing discussion about American perceptions of Sweden, Swedish national identity, the filmmaking process, and more. Learn how Sweden is a world leader in weapon manufacturing, design, and export and how that fact has inspired Simon's current projects.
Simon Elvås is the ESC's 2022 MEET EU Emerging EU Filmmaker in Residence. Elvås is a filmmaker from Sweden, working with themes about masculinity and shame within the subjects of climate crisis and Swedish weapon export. Simon studied the bachelor program in directing fiction at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Art.
In this satirical drama, a Turkish military delegation is visiting Sweden and the weapon engineer Josef has been entrusted with selling the new Swedish weapon system. Unfortunately, Joseph's 16-year-old daughter Nadia is a peace activist and together with her friends she is determined to stop the arms deal. When Josef can’t find his keycard, chaos and family quarrels breaks out in the middle of world politics.
This event will be in the Global Hub, Posvar Hall 1st Floor.
Please note that the University of Pittsburgh is closed to the public. This event is only for Pitt students, faculty, and staff with a valid Pitt Oakland ID. Masks are required in all University buildings.

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European Studies Center
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