Preventing the Impact of Schistosomiasis in Senegal (2023 Global Health Case Competition)

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Jr. Jason Rohr, Notre Dame University
Friday, September 29, 2023 - 14:30
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As Scheduled
1500 Posvar Hall
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Elaine Linn
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Jason Rohr is Professor of Biological Sciences, Ludmilla F., Stephen J., and Robert T. Galla College Professor & Department Chair, University of Notre Dame

Professor Rohr will give an overview on Schistosomiasis is a vector-borne parasitic disease.

His research interests encompass ecology and public health with particular interest in how anthropogenic changes, mainly pollution, climate change, and alterations to biodiversity, affect wildlife populations, species interactions, and the spread of both wildlife and human diseases. These effects are undoubtedly complex and dependent upon biotic and abiotic conditions. He has studied interactions among multiple natural and anthropogenic stressors and are making efforts to integrate our research across disciplines with the goal to understand and develop solutions to, environmental problems to enhance the likelihood of a sustainable existence for both humans and wildlife.

His current and active research interests in ecology fall at the interface of ecotoxicology, conservation biology, and community, population, behavioral, climate change, and disease ecology. My current and active research interests in public health involve understanding drivers of human schistosomiasis, how to feed the projected 11 billion people on the planet sustainably, the impacts of climate change on vector-borne and other zoonotic diseases, the effects of biodiversity on disease risk, and microbiome-infectious disease interactions. His has a PhD in Ecology and Behavior, Binghamton University

He has done extensive research in the Senegal River Basin and areas near to Saint-Louis Senegal.

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