Economic Human Rights: It's Time for a New Social Contract

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Cathy Albisa
Tuesday, March 19, 2019 - 18:00 to 20:30
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As Scheduled
Homewood Community Engagement Center, 622 N Homewood Ave

The National Economic and Social Rights Initiative is advancing a nation-wide call for a “New Social Contract” in this country to defend our economy, democracy and climate from threats posed by extreme concentrations of wealth in a few hands and economic development that prioritizes economic growth over maintaining the infrastructure, goods and services that families and neighborhoods need to thrive. A New Social Contract flips the script on this abusive economy and advances comprehensive, transformative, community-led solutions that protect human rights, build equitable systems for everyone and deepen our democracy. Learn about this initiative and how it can connect with struggles for human rights, democracy, and racial and economic justice in our city!

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Global Studies Center
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Pitt Human Rights Working Group; Year of Pitt Global; Center for Health Equity
Ford Institute on Human Security
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Pittsburgh United
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