Events in UCIS

Wednesday, January 17

4:00 pm Career Counselling
Presenting Yourself, 30 Second Elevator Speech
4130 Posvar Hall
Sponsored by:
Global Studies Center
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Interested in careers in International Law? Security? International Development? Arts and Entertainment? International Business? Health?

This toolkit series introduces students to the multitude of careers available by meeting and interacting with professionals in a variety of fields. Many of our guest speakers are Pitt alumni and those that graduated with an International Studies Certificate. By attending one or all of the panels, students will gain insight on career choices, what specific careers entail, how to articulate and prepare for short and long term career goals, and utilize resources at Pitt to make their goals a reality.

This series is designed for students to learn from professionals about:

What their work entails;
How they prepared for their career and what led them to their current position;
If they had to do it over, how would they better prepare themselves given resources at the university;
What employers are looking for in new-hires including soft and hard skills;
How to network with really interesting people