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Monday, January 22

12:00 pm Lecture
Regionalism Resurgent: Political Machines and Labor Migration in Russia
4217 Wesley W. Posvar Hall
Sponsored by:
Center for Russian and East European Studies
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The centralization of political and economic power in Russia has been a theme of Vladimir Putin's reign, gaining control over regional governments through the Kremlin's party of power, United Russia. Against this trend of curtailing contests of federalism, migration policy has emerged as a policy arena in which we observe regions claiming authority against the federal government. Through a qualitative investigation of four regions, this research argues that migration policy will remain a conduit for regions to secure political power for the foreseeable future, as Russia maintains its position as host to the world's third-largest immigrant population.

5:00 pm Lecture Series / Brown Bag
Occupation, Deportation, Genocide - Agents of Memory in Post-Soviet Latvia
3703 Posvar Hall- History Department Lounge
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Center for Russian and East European Studies on behalf of
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Chapter presented by Katja Wezel (DAAD Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh) with comments by Jonathan Harris (University of Pittsburgh) and Emanuala Grama (CMU).