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Tuesday, February 6

4:30 pm Lecture
Planning Postindustrialism in Pittsburgh and Beyond
3911 Posvar Hall
Sponsored by:
Global Studies Center
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Tracy Neumann specializes in transnational and global approaches to twentieth-century North American history, with an emphasis on cities and the built environment. She teaches courses on twentieth-century U.S. history, urban history, research methods, and public history. Before pursuing a PhD, she worked for several years as a consultant for a cultural resource management firm, and her professional experience as a public history practitioner led her to help develop Wayne State's MA Program in Public History, for which she serves as the coordinator. She also co-edits the Global Urban History blog and sits on the editorial boards of Urban History and Temple University Press's Pennsylvania History book series.

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5:00 pm Teacher Training
Global Issues Through Literature: Authors Under Authoritarianism
4130 Posvar Hall
Sponsored by:
Global Studies Center
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What is life like under authoritarian regimes, especially for writers, artists, and other creative thinkers whose aim is to loosen, bend, and even break the rules? Do harsh regulations constrict or condone innovative artistic practices? How can authors subvert authoritarianism through writing? What happens if they get caught? This year’s Global Issues Through Literature series, a reading group designed for K-12 educators to learn and use new texts in the classroom, will travel the world through the eyes of authors writing under authoritarianism to try to understand the role of literature as document, commentator, and critic of restrictive regimes.

For this session, we will be reading Edwidge Danticat's The Farming of Bones and hear from Pitt Prof. Felix Germain (Africana Studies).

6:30 pm Film
Rojo Amanecer (Mexico)
Frick Fine Arts Auditorium
Sponsored by:
Center for Latin American Studies
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CLAS-Latin American Cinema Series 2018/ CLAS- Serie de Cine Latinoamericano 2018

Rojo Amanecer (Jorge Fons, Mexico, 1990)
*In Spanish and No English Subtitles!

The ONLY film to be shown at the Frick Fine Arts Auditorium
6:30 p.m. Pizza
7:00 p.m. Movie
Free and open to the public!
Sponsored by: The Center for Latin American Studies and the Spanish Film Club by Pragda.

Rojo Amenecer is a film about the Tlatelolco Massacre in the section of Tlatelolco in Mexico City in the evening of October 2, 1968. It focuses on the day of a middle-class Mexican family living in one of the apartment buildings surrounding the Plaza de Tlatelolco (also known as the Plaza de las Tres Culturas)[1] and is based on testimonials from witnesses and victims.

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