Events in UCIS

Wednesday, March 21 until Friday, March 23

10:00 am Conference
602 Cathedral of Learning--Humanities Center
Sponsored by:
Center for Latin American Studies along with Department of Hispanic Languages and Literature, The Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences, Humanities Center and University Honors College
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Co-sponsored by the Department of Hispanic Languages and Literatures, the Center for Latin American Studies, the Faculty Research Support Program of the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences, the Humanities Center and the University Honors College.

Alberto Manguel Director, National Library of Argentina
Daniel Balderston Director, Borges Center, University of Pittsburgh
Laura Rosato and Germán Álvarez Co-Directors, Centro Borges
de Documentación, National Library of Argentina
Mariela Blanco Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata-Conicet
Sylvia Saítta Universidad de Buenos Aires-Conicet
M aría Celeste Martín Emily Carr University of Art + Design
Nora Benedict • Alfredo Alonso Estenoz • María Julia Rossi
Leonardo Pitlevnik • Sebastián Urli • Martín Gaspar • David Mundie

A conference to celebrate the new formal agreement for cooperation between the Borges Center of the University of Pittsburgh and the Centro Borges de Documentación of the Biblioiteca Nacional Mariano Moreno, the National Library of Argentina Full information will be available on the websites of the Borges Center ( and the Department of Hispanic Languages and Literatures (

Events will be held at the Humanities Center, 602 Cathedral of Learning, University of Pittsburgh, except
for several workshops on Thursday March 22nd in the Digital Commons of the Hillman Library.

Thursday, March 22 until Sunday, April 8

(All day) Festival
2018 Carnegie Mellon International Film Festival
Carnegie Mellon University
Announced by:
Global Studies Center on behalf of The Humanities Center at Carnegie Mellon University
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The mission of the Carnegie Mellon International “Faces” Film Festival is to engage the Pittsburgh community with all-encompassing programming that promotes cultural exchange and expression, and through film, illuminates the local and global ethnic communities which seldom have opportunities to celebrate their artwork and culture on a large public scale. By collaborating with guest filmmakers, arts organizations, and local businesses, the festival creates a platform for these ethnic groups to expose the Pittsburgh community to their cultures, allows attendees to identify and relate to their own origins, and for cinematic artists to engage audiences with their films and dialogues.

Thursday, March 22

12:00 pm Lecture
History Of The Present: New Populism And The Case Of Poland
4217 Posvar Hall
Sponsored by:
Center for Russian and East European Studies and European Studies Center
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Join Tomasz Sawczuk for a discussion of the Polish version of a contemporary illiberal and populist politics. Mr. Sawczuk will present the historical background that has led to the current populist and illiberal developments in Polish politics and remark on the strategic situation of the liberal opposition, with thoughts on both how best to and how best not to respond to the populist agenda and contemporary illiberalism.

Tomasz Sawczuk is a political writer and an editor at the Polish sociopolitical weekly magazine "Kultura Liberalna". A law and philosophy graduate at the University of Warsaw in Poland, he is working there on a doctoral dissertation in philosophy devoted to the pragmatist liberalism of Richard Rorty. Thanks to a grant from The Kościuszko Foundation, he is currently a visiting scholar at the University of Pittsburgh (Department of Philosophy). Subsequently, he will be a visiting scholar at the Indiana University (Department of Political Science). He is the author of an upcoming book on contemporary Polish politics, "Nowy liberalizm. Jak zrozumieć i wykorzystać kryzys III RP" ("New Liberalism. How To Understand And Respond To The Crisis Of The Third Republic Of Poland").

12:00 pm Lecture
Let's Talk Africa Series: Triumph through Adversity: The Tenacious Ethiopian Woman and Her Rise to Educational Success
Room 4130 WWPH
Sponsored by:
African Studies Program
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Education in Ethiopia: Challenges Women Face in the Pursuit of Higher Education

Thursday March 22nd, 2018 - 12 – 1:30 pm Room 4130 WWPH

Triumph through Adversity: The Tenacious Ethiopian Woman and Her Rise to Educational Succes
Some women will do anything to get an education. Embark on a journey of stories that will take you into the heart of a rural Ethiopian woman who strives for an education. Stories that will make you laugh, cry, and be thankful for your own educational journey.

4:00 pm Panel Discussion
1968: Framing Radical Politics in Time and Space
4130 Posvar Hall
Sponsored by:
Global Studies Center
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Part of the UCIS series exploring the effects of the hallmark year 1968. More Information TBA.

4:30 pm Lecture
France and Culture
3610 Posvar Hall
Announced by:
European Studies Center on behalf of European Horizons
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Bordeaux Conservatory professor Jean-Louis Agobet will be in Pittsburgh as a part of NAT 28's French Music and Culture Festival. In this talk, he will speak about the relationship between the Conservatories and Universities in France and the politics of culture in the country.

The session will be in English but questions in both French and English are welcome.

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6:00 pm Lecture
Two Evenings at Pitt
171B Hillman
Sponsored by:
Global Studies Center along with Hillman Library, PittArts and Pittsburgh Arts and Lectures
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As part of the Pittsburgh A&L "Ten Evenings" series, Mohsin Hamid (author of Exit West) and Viet Thanh Nguyen (author of the Pulitzer-prize winning novel The Sympathizer and, more recently, The Refugees) will be talking about their recent works and creative processes. Prior to their public lectures at the Carnegie Music Hall, the GSC is sponsoring more intimate gatherings with Pitt faculty and students to learn about and discuss how these works of fiction help us to understand global processes and the connections, disruptions, inequalities, and opportunities they create. We will be giving out a limited number of FREE tickets to the lecture to those who attend. Please save the dates and join us on campus Thursday evening before the lecture, and Monday at the music hall!

6:30 pm Film
Film: Autumn Gem (Rae Chang, 2009)
Mt. Lebanon Library
Sponsored by:
Asian Studies Center
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Join us on March 22nd at 6:30 pm for a screening of the 2009 Chinese documentary, Autumn Gem at the Mt. Lebanon Library. Qiu Jin (1875-1907) was a radical women’s rights activist who defied tradition to become the leader of a revolutionary army, as she boldly challenged traditional gender roles and demanded equal rights and opportunities for women.The first female martyr for China’s 1911 Revolution, Qiu Jin is celebrated as a national heroine today.

Light refreshments will be served. Special guest commentator TBA.