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Monday, October 1

12:30 pm Lecture
The Importance of Civil Society & Civic Education for Global Democracy
Posvar Hall 4217
Sponsored by:
European Studies Center and European Union Center of Excellence along with Heinrich Böll Foundation
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Democracies around the world are increasingly under pressure from authoritarian challenges. In Europe, for example, anti-liberal movements have been on the rise in the past years, bringing up fears of democratic backsliding there. The Heinrich Böll Foundation, a political foundation that is affiliated with the German Green Party, engages with civil actors in over 60 countries and supports their efforts in fostering democracy and human rights, taking action to prevent the destruction of the global ecosystem, advance equality between women and men, and defending the freedom of individuals against excessive state and economic power. The foundation’s president Dr. Ellen Überschär will give an insight into the foundation’s work to strengthen civil societies and civic education in Germany and the foundation’s international network.

Lunch will be provided to the first 20 students who register by September 28, 2018.
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4:00 pm Lecture
Memory Conflicts as Barrier to Reconciliation: Post-Soviet Disputes between Baltic States and Russia
4130 Wesley W. Posvar Hall
Sponsored by:
Center for Russian East European and Eurasian Studies and European Studies Center
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In 2009, the Estonian political scientists Pirat Shin and Wiki Berg argued that "the permafrost in Baltic-Russian relations shows no signs of melting." This talk will analyze why post-Soviet Baltic-Russian relations have been so difficult and how different interpretations of history play a key role.

7:06 pm Lecture
Privacy in the Digital Age
University of Pittsburgh Information Science Building 3rd Floor Theater, 135 N Bellefield Ave, Pittsburgh, PA
Announced by:
Global Studies Center on behalf of
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Privacy in the Digital Age: EU GDPR and More
On Monday October 1st, at 7 pm Global Citizen Lab will be hosting Dr. Lorrie Cranor to give a talk and lead a discussion about digital privacy and security. She will begin with the EU GDPR and move onto the broader issue of digital privacy. Dr. Cranor will come to talk about privacy laws in the US, EU and around world generally, and how privacy self-regulation and FTC enforcement works in the US. Also, she will discuss how online tracking works, iot privacy issues, social network privacy, and algorithmic transparency. Along the way, she will talk about some of the research of her lab, “Carnegie Mellon Usable Privacy and Security Laboratory” is doing. There will be chance for Q&A and discussion to facilitate a critical look at how our data is used and how to protect against harmful uses of technology.

Dr. Lorrie Cranor Bio:

Lorrie Faith Cranor, Ph.D. is a Professor in the School of Computer Science and the Engineering and Public Policy Department at Carnegie Mellon University and is the director of the Carnegie Mellon Usable Privacy and Security Laboratory. She has served as Chief Technologist of the Federal Trade Commission, and she was formerly a member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation Board of Directors. Previously she was a researcher at AT&T Labs-Research and taught in the Stern School of Business at New York University. She has authored over 110 research papers on online privacy, phishing and semantic attacks, spam, electronic voting, anonymous publishing, usable access control, and other topics.