Events in UCIS

Friday, November 1 until Sunday, May 3

5:00 pm Seminar
Global Health and Gender Equality- SDG 5
2400 Sennott Square
Sponsored by:
European Studies Center and Global Studies Center along with Office of the Vice Provost Carnegie Mellon University
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With each global health crisis, the interconnectedness of populations around the globe becomes more pronounced. Diseases not only affect the health of communities, but they have a profound impact on political, economic, and social stability within countries and regions. This course engages the interdisciplinary nature of global health by approaching the issue through the lens of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) developed by the United Nations. The SDGs range in focus from good health and well-being to gender equality to clean water and sanitation to affordable, clean energy. By engaging the ways that health has a stake in these goals, the course will bring the expertise of faculty from the University of Pittsburgh and CMU as well as practitioners to understand and address the issue surrounding global health from a myriad of perspectives and avenues. With an applied focus, the course will assist students in engaging and advocating for a community on a global health issue through a policy memo. This iteration of the course will examine gender equality and SDG #5.

Friday, March 27 until Sunday, May 31

5:00 pm Seminar
Transforming Cities: Smart Cities and Technology
Sponsored by:
European Studies Center and Global Studies Center along with Carnegie Mellon University Office of the Provost for Education
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Due to economic development and globalization, cities continue to grow with predictions that 70 of the
world’s population will live in urban areas by the year 2050. This course, then, will view cities as hubs
where patterns, connections, discussions, and the processes shape such issues as social justice, economic
development, technology, migration, the environment among others. By examining cities as a lens, this
sequence of weekend courses encourages students to examine cities as a system for discussing social
processes being built and rebuilt. With an interdisciplinary focus, the course invites experts from the
University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon, and relevant fields more broadly.
This iteration of the course will explore such topics as: the influence of multinational corporations on
cities; the rise of privacy issues in relation to adoption of technology within cities and homes; the
replacement of human labor and access to employment; the role of technology on urban planning,
among others.
One-credit for PITT students / 3 units

Friday, April 24

10:45 am Workshop
Online: Tai Chi
Zoom (online)
Sponsored by:
Asian Studies Center
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Join our Tai Chi session with Dr. Margarita Delgado Creamer, Visiting Assistant Professor, Religious Studies at the University of Pittsburgh and Tai Chi instructor. Register here.

2:00 pm Information Session
Class Info Session: HIST1691 - Latino History
Sponsored by:
Center for Latin American Studies along with Department of History
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This course is a survey of the history of peoples of Latin American and Hispanic-Caribbean descent in the United States from the sixteenth century to the present. 

We will learn from the distinct ethnic, racial, and cultural forms that Latinos either preserved from their homelands or produced in the US mainland. We will analyze the varied experiences of Latinos and Latin American immigrants as they transition to and become part of everyday life in the United States.

All of this will be done with a wide array of audiovisual sources like graphic novels, music and film!

This course counts for general education credit and does not require previous knowledge. Please direct questions to the instructor at

4:00 pm Cultural Event
Online: ADDverse Poetry Collective Meeting
Zoom Meeting
Sponsored by:
Center for Latin American Studies and Global Hub along with Department of Africana Studies
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Please note this meeting is now happening online. Contact Luana Reis ( for more information.

6:30 pm Cultural Event
Virtual Fireside Chat with Elizabeth Myers on Irish History
Virtual on Teams 365
Sponsored by:
Nationality Rooms and Intercultural Exchange Programs
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- ChromeCast candid photos of the National Museum of Ireland's, "The 1916 Rising: Proclaiming a Republic: Ireland, 1916 and the National Collection" on the TV screen over the fireplace.

- "show & tell" of the exhibit's official book of the National Collection, written by Darragh Gannon

Talk a little bit about what it's like to visit Dublin & the Republic of Ireland's National Museums

Provide visual aid with links to Museum, author, Ireland Tourism