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Thursday, June 11

4:00 pm Panel Discussion
Local & Global Strategies for Advancing the Human Right to Housing
Sponsored by:
Global Studies Center along with UPR Cities Project of the US Human Rights Cities Alliance; US Human Rights Network; Pittsburgh Human Rights City Alliance
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“Bringing Human Rights Home” Uniting People for Rights: US Human Rights Cities Webinar Series: Local & Global Strategies for Advancing the Human Right to Housing

In almost every single country, in every region, in cities and towns across the globe, we are experiencing a human rights crisis – the housing crisis. And something needs to change. It’s time to reclaim the #Right2Housing. -The Shift

The Coronavirus pandemic has exposed and deepened the long-standing housing crisis in our communities. At a time when everyone’s health demands that all residents have a safe and stable home, more and more people face housing insecurity and homelessness. How can cities and communities better protect people’s right to adequate housing? This webinar features Julieta Perucca, assistant to the former UN Special Rapporteur on the Human Right to Adequate Housing and currently Deputy Director of global housing rights initiative, The Shift. Learn about the human right to housing around the world and strategies for using international law and the United Nations to advance housing and other human rights. We’ll hear from leaders in cities using innovative strategies for keeping people in their homes and expanding affordable housing. How can our emergency responses lead to permanent solutions? Confirmed City Representatives: Brandon Johnson, Director of the Office of Peace and Policy, City of Birmingham; Daniel Joseph Wiley, Housing organizer with Newark Ironbound Community; Crystal Jennings, Housing justice organizer with Pittsburgh’s Penn Plaza Support and Action Coalition.

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6:00 pm Lecture/Performance
The Sound of (Japanese) Music: Strings Revolution: History and Music of Shamisen and Geisha
Online via Zoom
Sponsored by:
National Consortium on Teaching About Asia along with The Japan-America Society of Pennsylvania
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Strings Revolution: History and Music of Shamisen and Geisha

Thursday, June 11

6:00 - 7:30 p.m. ET (5:00-6:30 CT)

Dr. Yuko Eguchi Wright, Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures, University of Pittsburgh

In the mid-1500s, the soundscapes of Japan dramatically changed because of the introduction of a three-stringed instrument—the shamisen. This presentation covers the historical background of shamisen and its music, particularly focusing on the songs practiced among geisha. It includes a demonstration and virtual hands-on session of shamisen songs.

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The Sound of (Japanese) Music: Online Mini Course for Educators

Co-sponsored by the Japan-America Society of Pennsylvania and the University of Pittsburgh NCTA

Join us for “The Sound of (Japanese) Music,” a series of presentations and demos by four Japanese music ethnomusicologists. Designed to take you to a deeper level of understanding of traditional Japanese music, these presentations expand your knowledge of Japanese history and culture, including modern music innovations. You will learn about the evolving traditions of the koto, shakuhachi, shamisen and the recent development of taiko drumming. Some presentations will be recorded for your use later with your students. All sessions will be held through Zoom.