Events in UCIS

Wednesday, July 29

11:00 am Workshop
Summer Online Russian Language Sustainment for High School Students
Sponsored by:
Center for Russian East European and Eurasian Studies
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The Center for Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies is enabling high school students with Novice-Low through Novice-Mid proficiency level in Russian to join the 2020 Summer Online Language Sustainment Program. Participants include students from Russian language programs offered at Brashear High School, Hollidaysburg High School, Penn Traffor High School, and Pritzker College Preparatory High School.

Wednesday, July 1
Знакомство: где живём, учимся, наша семья

Monday, July 6
Наши хобби и интересы: что любим, чем интересуемся

Wednesday, July 8
Наше расписание: что и когда делаем

Monday, July 13
Наш дом: какой дом, на каком этаже, сколько комнат в доме, что делаем

Wednesday, July 15
Одеваемся по погоде: погода на улице, времена года, какую одежду носим

Monday, July 20
Какую еду мы любим: покупаем продукты, готовим и едим в ресторане

Wednesday, July 22
Наше здоровье: что болит, как себя чувствуем, какие симптомы, как лечимся

Monday, July 27
Гуляем по городу: где что находится, как туда добраться, какие виды транспорта в городе

Wednesday, July 29
Хотим путешествовать: где мы отдыхаем, на чём мы ездим, где мы останавливаемся на каникулах

2:00 pm Lecture Series / Brown Bag
Rising Autocrats and 'Freedom Fighters': How the Populist Radical Right in Germany and Europe Responds to the Corona Pandemic
Sponsored by:
European Studies Center along with University of Florida and Center for European Studies
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The ESC is pleased to announce the first event in its joint initiative with other Jean Monnet Chairs and Centers throughout the United States, the Jean Monnet in the USA Lecture Series. The first event is organized by our colleagues at the University of Florida, but is open to Pitt students, faculty, and friends. Stay tuned for more #JMintheUS events throughout the 2020-21 academic year!

The Corona crisis is the "hour of the executive": European countries are taking measures to regulate public life and prevent the spread of the disease. On the one hand, these seem to be unfavorable conditions for populist radical right parties. On the other, they present themselves in many countries as the voice of those who see the interventions as an inadequate restriction of their freedom or even believe in a conspiracy of the elites. This presentation will discuss how populist parties adjust their programs in the pandemic, shed light on common narratives, assess their electoral support, and pay special regard to the case of the AfD in Germany.

4:00 pm Panel Discussion
Racialized Police Violence in Global Perspective: Discussion on Policing in the USA
Virtual - Register Online!
Sponsored by:
Global Studies Center and Global Hub
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Together with our friends at the Pitt Global Hub, we are excited to bring students, faculty and staff a virtual discussion every Wednesday in July that will give participants an opportunity to think about the most recent wave of brutal police violence in the U.S. through a global lens.
The goal is to have participants be able to explain how racialized and militarized policing in the USA shape and are shaped by historical and contemporary global connections and processes. Participants will do up to an hour of reading, viewing, or listening in advance of each conversation; there will be no structured presentations.

Register here: fbclid=IwAR0AhRVcJx33AHERmwjMF_33qWuznyluSOt1P1zDxW555yCo0U16-7ae5tw