Events in UCIS

Sunday, October 24 until Tuesday, November 30

12:00 pm Cultural Event
Celtic Culture Celebration
Sponsored by:
Nationality Rooms and Intercultural Exchange Programs
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Please join us for a virtual event created by the Welsh, Scottish and Irish Rooms as they showcase unique aspects of their culture. Enjoy a brief Powerpoint presentation of each room and pre-recorded videos exclusively made for this event on each culture's history, art, music, poetry, dance and more?

Friday, November 12

9:00 am Workshop
Reimagining Annotation with Mediate
CL 435
Sponsored by:
Asian Studies Center along with Film and Media Studies Program; SCREENSHOT: ASIA
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Mediate is a collaborative time-based media annotation tool developed by River Campus Libraries and Joel Burges, Director of theGraduate Program in Visual and Cultural Studies at University of Rochester .Media literacy is one of the most pressing concerns for research and teaching due to the centrality of multi-modal content—images, sounds, and text—in our culture. From film and television to video games, music videos, social media, music, and podcasts, multimodal content is ubiquitous in our everyday lives. Yet education still focuses primarily on text-based literacies.Mediate, a web-based platform that allows users to annotate multimedia content, tackles this problem by providing a means for individual or collective inquiry into time-based media. Users can upload video or audio, generate automated markers, annotate their content on the basis of customizable schema, produce real-time notes, and export their data to generate visualizations. To register for this workshop, click to here.

9:30 am Symposium
"Image and Memory: Jews, Antisemitism, and the Holocaust in Romania"
501 Cathedral of Learning
Announced by:
Center for Russian East European and Eurasian Studies and European Studies Center on behalf of Jewish Studies Program
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A Symposium in Honor of Dr. Irina Livezeanu

This unique event brings together former students, colleagues, and associates of Irina Livezeanu’s, many of them specialists in the history, art, and culture of Romanian Jews or Romanian fascism, to discuss Jewish lives, creativity, and persecution during the Holocaust, and the memory of these earlier times. Held to celebrate Irina Livezeanu's retirement from the University of Pittsburgh, "Image and Memory: Jews, Antisemitism, and the Holocaust in Romania" deals with major themes that have occupied her writing and teaching over several decades. The event involves four roundtables that are open to the public. The first roundtable uses images and interviews to investigate Jewish lives before and after the Holocaust; the second—artwork and writings by Jewish members of Romania's twentieth century avant-garde movements; the third—propaganda photographs of Romanian fascists and the Holocaust; the fourth is a screening and discussion of director Radu Jude's 2018 feature film, "I do not care if we go down in history as barbarians," which deals with how contemporary Romanians remember the role of Romania’s Nazi-allied government in World War II.

Announced by European Studies Center.

10:30 am Lecture Series / Brown Bag
Emerging Latinx Communities Group
Room 1154, Public Health
Sponsored by:
Center for Latin American Studies
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Dr. Jamie Booth, from Social Work, will be discussing her work with an innovative method, Visual Voices. The article is: The role of bilingualism in Latino youth experiences of acculturation stress when living in an emerging Latino community. Booth, J, Huerta C, and Thomas, B. Qualitative Social Work29(4): 1069-1077, 2021.
Sponsored by the Center for Latin American Studies, we explore 1) the problems Latinos in small yet rapidly growing populations face, and 2) how to solve those problems. We hope to get new writing and research collaborations going! Open to all interested: students, faculty, staff, and practitioners from Pitt and beyond. If you want to get extra network time, we will be there 30 minutes before and after the meeting time.

12:00 pm Seminar
Epochs of Loss: Toward a Proposal for a Website, a Course, and a Book
Sponsored by:
Global Studies Center along with The World History Center
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This special event is a collaboration between Carnegie Mellon's Environmental Humanities Research Seminar and the CMU Humanities Center’s current initiative on Climate Justice. Michael Goodhart and Ruth Mostern will discuss the Anthropocene: Epoch of Loss initiative that was sponsored by the Global Studies Center, Pitt's World History Center, and the Provost's Year of Creativity. Access the corresponding paper here. There is also an appendix, available here.

4:30 pm Student Club Activity
Addverse+Poesia Meeting
Sponsored by:
Global Hub
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Addverse+Poesia is a transnational and multilingual student organization dedicated to celebrating Black/Indigenous and LGBTQIA+ writers, poets, etc. Join us for your weekly meetings on Fridays from 4:30-6PM!