Week of August 16, 2020 in UCIS

Wednesday, August 19

12:30 pm Information Session
Pitt Global Hub Virtual Drop-In Hours
Sponsored by:
Global Hub
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The Pitt Global Hub is hosting virtual drop-in hours via Zoom every Wednesday from 12:30-1:30PM for students who wish to ask general questions regarding our international area studies and global studies certificates, study abroad, scholarships, clubs and language tables, and more.

Zoom link: http://pitt.zoom.us/j/96763408157

4:00 pm Information Session
Global Studies Center - Virtual Office Hours
Sponsored by:
Global Studies Center and Global Hub
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Speak with a representative from the Global Studies Center to learn about their certificate offerings, events and programming, and more.

Zoom Link: https://pitt.zoom.us/j/95350117543

Thursday, August 20

6:00 pm Workshop
Teaching on the Silk Road
Online via Zoom
Sponsored by:
Asian Studies Center, Center for Russian East European and Eurasian Studies, European Studies Center, Global Studies Center and National Consortium on Teaching About Asia
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Viewing world history from the vantage point of the Silk Roads can challenge the Eurocentrism of mainstream history and introduce a more balanced view of the past. In this online workshop, Dr. Margarita Delgado Creamer (University of Pittsburgh) and Dr. Thomas R. Mueller (California University of Pennsylvania) will explore with us the global significance of this trade network that connected India, Central and East Asia, and Europe for over a thousand years. We will especially focus on the development and spread of Buddhism and also discuss the momentous discovery of the largest cache of historic documents and artifacts found in the Mogao Caves in Dunhuang that bear witness to the cultural, religious, social and commercial activity that took place along the Silk Roads. Part of our exploration of the Silk Roads will involve interactive mapping (using ArcGIS Online) which teachers and students can use throughout the school year to:
1) Complete a distance analysis of the locations along the Silk Roads
2) Examine the landscapes of the Silk Roads
3) Evaluate "the reach" of the Silk Roads in terms of goods, cultures and diseases

All participants will receive a Certificate of Completion for professional development reporting. Pennsylvania educators will receive Act 48 professional development hours.

Please register at: https://pitt.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJYscO6trjIvGdOctbko0eX12p_QiwcHjiUL

Friday, August 21

12:00 pm Panel Discussion
Belarus on the Brink? Domestic and Global Dimensions
Announced by:
Center for Russian East European and Eurasian Studies on behalf of Center for Governance and Markets