About Community Engagement

The GSC community engagement program draws on the outstanding resources available at Pitt in order to provide resources and sponsor activities that enrich the intellectual and cultural life of K-12 students and teachers, university/college faculty, local business groups, and the Pittsburgh community in general. The GSC outreach program offers three different types of resources:

  • Professional Development
  • K-12 Student Opportunities
  • Community Engagement

Professional Development

GSC sponsors a variety of professional development activities for those who wish to improve their teaching/practice and understanding of critical global issues. These events are free and can be hosted at Pitt or a local venue. Opportunities include day-long workshops each semester; certification/development points; lectures on global issues; and funding support for K-12 teachers. Funding permitting, GSC also offers experiences overseas for K-12 teachers and area faculty during the summer. In 2009, GSC was awarded a Fulbright Hays Short-Term Study Tour for Educators, which permits GSC to take twelve K-12 teachers to Egypt for four weeks. From this experience, teachers develop lessons plans and materials pertinent to their professional needs and interests. The GSC and University Center for International Studies also offers Act 48 credit for various professional development workshops which satisfy the development point requirements of public school systems in the Pittsburgh area. 

K-12 Student Opportunities

Classroom Resources 

Educators, students, and community members have access to the growing GSC lending library. The collection includes books for all ages; instructional videos; culture kits; films; and other materials related to global issues. A variety of lesson plans can also be downloaded from our Web site for free.

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