Amazon-Africa Aid Organization (3AO)


Amazon-Africa Aid
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Ann Arbor, MI 48107

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3AO is a US nonprofit that partners with the Brazilian NGO Fundacao Esperanca to support the work of Bill Chase Dental Clinic in the Brazilian Amazon. Located within the small city of Santarem, the clinic provides necessary dental and other health care services to an impoverished mixed race community undergoing rapid social change. For over 30 years Fundacao Esperanca has been providing healthcare and education to the people of the Amazon. In an average year, the clinic's dental team performs over 26,000 procedures. 3AO seeks accredited medical doctors who are willing to volunteer two to six weeks of their time at the dental clinic. The clinic will accommodate spouses, who often teach English to staff and students. Volunteers are asked to over the price of airfare to Santarem, but 3AO pays room and board.

Region of Focus: